5 Ways To Spice Up Your Video Using Green Screen Background

Every green screen studio floor is an opportunity to really play with your viewers’ imagination. Whether you’re just recording yourself at work for a vlog, or filming tutorials on YouTube green screen backdrops are the perfect opportunity to make your videos more interesting. It’s much better than having to put up with plain solid coloured backgrounds everyday (we know how dull that can be).

Here are five tips to use green screen in order to make your video stand out:

1) Travel the world without leaving home

What could be better than travelling the world even when you’re stuck at work? 

With green screens it’s possible. Use green screen backgrounds that feature landmarks from all over the world like Big Ben or even take things further and film you flying over oceans.

2) Be green

Who says green screen actors can’t be funny? 

Rather than green screen actors having to look like they’re floating in space (which gets boring after a while), green screens allow you to appear as if you are camouflaged with your surroundings. Wear green outfits, stand by green objects and make sure everything around you is also green. This will make it really hard for the viewers not to find your jokes hilarious!

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3) Superheroes unite

Superheroes were always meant to save the world, but what happens when they’re stuck at home? They start using their superpowers on themselves of course! Get some green paint and cover yourself in it so that it looks like your body is green. Use green screen computer software to superimpose superhero symbols onto you while fighting other green characters or use green screen special effects to scale buildings.

4) Mix your world up

Green screens are very flexible and can be used in different ways. So why not mix up different elements of the green screen backdrop you’re using? Swap out the background so it looks like you’ve transported yourself into outer space or an underwater setting. You can even get a green screen studio background that features a mixture of two settings at once!

5) The trick with Tricks

Trick shots are fun but they usually only work once, unless there’s a green screen involved of course! If you fancy showing off some magic skills with a green screen in the background, green screen backdrop software can superimpose a green screen onto another green screen so that you have two green backgrounds in one shot. You could also use green screen special effects to make your magic tricks appear as if they’re happening in a different setting altogether.

That’s all for now folks!

We hope this article has been helpful to beginners who are interested in green screening and vlogging at home but don’t know where to start from. We would love it if you’d tweet us pictures of our articles or share them with your friends on Facebook! 

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Where can I buy green screen backdrop?

You can purchase green backdrops from Amazon with varying prices. To give you an idea, green screens range in price from £20 to over £100. 

Where can I get green screen software?

Windows Movie Maker and Screen Capture Software are the free alternatives to green screen computer software; instead of using green screen they use black screens (black backgrounds). They’re great if you want something simple and don’t require sophisticated editing tools. 

Can green screen be used for video games?

Yes; there’s various green screen software for this purpose but we’ll leave that discussion for another day. If you’re interested, we recommend that you head over to green screen backdrop guides and green screen software companies for more information! 

Does green screen work outdoors?

Green screens need to be lit with green lights in order to produce the green colour successfully so if you want green screen background outdoors then this is essential. You can get green outdoor lighting/bulbs from Amazon or your local hardware store. Alternatively, green screen can also be painted onto various surfaces such as walls and ceilings. .

What’s the difference between chroma key and green screen?

Chroma key vs Green screen: Chroma means ‘colour’ in Greek whereas green refers to a specific wavelength of light; this is why it’s called a “green screen” backdrop. Green screen is the more frequently used term for green screen but its also known as green backdrop so there can be some confusion between green screens and green backdrops.

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 Some people use green bulbs but if you don’t have green lights then you can simply paint green screens onto surfaces such as walls and ceilings. If this is your first time using green screen special effects at home or for your green screen studio then we recommend green screen backdrop guides and green screen software companies for more information. 

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