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The Technologies Pushing Business Forward

Technologies Pushing Business

Business, finance, and the modern economy are all irrevocably impacted by technology. The tech industry is changing the way we live, work, and relate to each other. Whether you are interested in technology or not, if you are in business you will need to understand the basics of it. Between cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, virtual reality (VR), robotics, and other forms of tech, the industry is helping businesses evolve in many ways. Below are the technologies pushing the business forward.


One of the most significant technologies of the last decade or so is cryptocurrency. Crypto is a digital currency that is encrypted, which means it is protected on a private server. It has opened the doors for a lot of people, including those who are up to no good. However, cryptocurrencies are completely valid—although they are not all created equal. This technology has enabled businesses to operate differently and, in many cases, more productively. Investing in cryptocurrency has been very lucrative for many entrepreneurs and traders. As its relevance grows, so will its ability to change business.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is perhaps the technology changing our world the most. AI is the ability of machines to show intelligence. With machine learning, machines can teach themselves new things. AI can create digital images, make songs, and synthesize data to discover the most efficient and lucrative way to do things. There’s so much that AI can do. It’s no surprise that it is having a huge impact on business. Businesses can optimize operations, come up with new products, find new target demographics, and become the most productive version of themselves when AI is being used. AI is augmenting our world in all kinds of ways; businesses are investing in its future.


AI is the ability of machines to have intelligence, but automation is the ability to do things on their own. You’ve probably seen robotic arms zipping back and forth performing mundane and tedious tasks. This isn’t the only way that business automation is used. Another common form of automation is being used in automobiles. With GPS, image capture technology, and basic automation, cars are becoming self-driving. Tesla is known for automation, but other companies are quickly joining them. Vehicles aren’t fully automated yet, but this technology is enhancing business in all kinds of ways. Overhead is being lowered because automation is making things more efficient and cheaper over time.

Virtual Reality

Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality are technologies that are amazing for people across the board. Businesses are making products that use VR and AR to enhance the experience of games, presentations, videos, and more. AR uses the natural world around you and technology to make a mixed reality setup. VR is a full immersion into the digital world. Soon businesses will be offering virtual events. With these technologies, businesses are evolving, creating new products, and offering services that weren’t possible before.


When you think of robotics, you probably think of the walking and talking personas of the work of Philip K. Dick. While technology could be going in that direction, the industry is broader than the original dream of robots. These days, companies like Sarcos are making all kinds of robotic enhancements and products to make life and business easier. Robotic gloves and body suits protect humans and make them stronger. Remotely controlled robots enable employees to perform tasks high up, in heat and cold, as well as with chemicals and other hazardous materials. Robots are helping humans and businesses become safer and more efficient.

Business is evolving with technology in all kinds of ways. When you are a business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, you should know a little bit about tech to make your company as efficient, productive, and lucrative as possible. Tech is changing everything about human life and to make money in business, the field must be acknowledged.

Whatever your business is involved in, using AI, VR, automation, robotics, and cryptocurrency can help you improve what you are doing and move in the right direction. Business needs to evolve with the world and technology is the way of the future. When you utilize it, success could be awaiting you. There’s no avoiding the future that technology is creating.

Ryan Beitler is a journalist and writer who has covered technology and business for many publications.

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