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The Importance of Font Design in Advertising Design

The Importance of Font Design in Advertising Design

As a kind of visual communication design, graphic design not only gives people a kind of visual enjoyment but more importantly, conveys a kind of information and a kind concept to consumers. Therefore, in graphic design and font sale, we should not only pay attention to the visual beauty of the surface but also consider the transmission of information. Text, graphics, and color are the three elements of graphic design information communication, and font design is one of the important factors among these three elements. The function of font design is information transmission and visual aesthetics, that is, to express its applicability and artistry, especially in the practical application of modern font design. At the same time, the designed font should not only conform to the rules of visual aesthetics but also have a distinct visual image, so as to obtain the best effect when conveying text information.

Font design in packaging design

As an important part of commodity production and circulation, commodity packaging is closely related to our lives. It plays an important role in realizing the value of commodities and transmitting commodity information. The acceleration of the pace of modern life has changed the marketing strategy of commodities. How to increase consumers’ desire to buy commodities and strengthen the brand awareness of commodities has become an important issue in modern commodity packaging design. In addition to graphics, colors, and layout, font design on the packaging is the main content to convey product information and enhance the corporate brand image. The text in the packaging design must proceed from reality, carry out artistic processing on the text, the font and the content are closely combined, and the text shape and the design idea are integrated, so as to summarize, vividly, and prominently express the spiritual meaning of the text. For example, the font design of cosmetics should be smooth and elegant, expressing the style and taste of the product. The fonts for men’s products are bold, straightforward, and concise. The font design of the food should show a bright and refreshing feeling.

Font Design in Poster Advertisement

Poster advertising is an advertisement posted outdoors or in public places. Choosing a font and explore sans serif vs serif and others is a great confusion. However, you may find a suitable one for every occasion. It is a means of graphic design such as graphics and text; it is a visual communication medium that conveys commercial, cultural, and other information. Posters, like other media, play a positive role in accelerating the circulation of commodities, guiding consumption concepts, and activating market economy and cultural exchanges in modern economic life. The fonts in the posters are further divided into titles, texts, and slogans. The title font generally uses a more eye-catching and easy-to-recognize font. The font of the main text generally adopts printed fonts, which form a harmonious whole with the theme and make it blend into the whole according to the shape of points, lines, and surfaces. Advertisement font design generally requires highlighting features, emphasizing individuality, and making people memorable. Mr. Kan Taiqiang, a Hong Kong designer, is unique in the image design of Chinese characters. He uses the strokes, structure, bones, and images of Chinese characters to organically combine the three to create fonts so that his design works have a distinctive personality.

Typography in book design

Book design is part of our graphic design. In life, good book design not only allows readers to appreciate the spirit of book culture but also gives us a pleasing feeling. Book design generally starts from the content of the book, and integrates the author’s thoughts with the designer’s form of expression through an overall series of designs from content to appearance, presenting it to readers vividly and vividly. Text is an important task in design. Text is both content and form. It can design fonts with distinctive visual personality images according to the content of the text so that the connotation of the book can be condensed and concentrated. layout to get different visual effects. Japanese designer Matsuura Kohei said: “The text not only makes people feel various timbres but also has multiple layers for compounding. Designing text with different sizes on the same plane can make readers interact with books. “

Font design in Logo

Logo design As a part of corporate image design, logo design plays an important role in corporate visual design. Font design is very common in modern logo design. A characterful and aesthetically pleasing typeface is always attractive in a logo, evoking our imagination or admiration for a business.

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