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Must-Know Pros and Cons of Vaping Before Going for It

Vaping Cons

Learning about vaping can be quite confusing, mainly since there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Some sources disapprove of it completely, listing all the ways it could be bad for you. Others keep praising it, saying it’s entirely safe and encouraging people to try it.

We’re here to debunk the myths fuelled by misinformation and show you both the good and bad sides of vaping. Let’s get to it.

Vaping Pros

The following points are some of the biggest reasons why vaping enthusiasts enjoy vaping.

Pre-filled tanks for instant use

Vaping devices come with pre-filled and replaceable vape tanks. The former will enable you to start vaping instantly, while the latter will require you to fill them with an e-liquid manually.

It’s clear which option is more convenient and less messy. However, you need to replace a pre-filled tank once you’re out of vape juice. So, it’s a matter of preference, but most vapers prefer the satisfaction of instant use.

Thousands of different flavors

There are over 16,000 e-liquid flavors out there, falling into 16 flavor categories, such as mint, coffee, fruit, candy, dessert, spices, nuts, and more. You have an abundance of delectable options to choose from and enhance your vaping experience.

There are unflavored vape juices as well, but flavorings draw most people to vaping. Some flavors taste almost like a treat, helping many people satisfy their sweet tooth. They even smell delicious, so you and people around you can enjoy a pleasant aroma.


Cloud-chasing can be fun, especially if you learn some vaping tricks, such as the Ghost Inhale, the Dragon, and the Waterfall. You could be the life of the party wherever you go!

Now, vape pens may not produce enough vapor for chasing clouds, but vape pods and box mods are a different story. If you want bigger and thicker clouds, just be sure to pick a vape juice with more VG (vegetable glycerin) than PG (propylene glycol). You’ll also enjoy smoother hits.

Controlling your nicotine intake

If you plan on vaping with nicotine, you’ll be happy to know that you can control your intake. There are varying nicotine strengths to choose from, typically ranging from 6 mg to 48 mg. You simply need to add a preferred nicotine shot to your e-liquid, and that’s it.

Of course, you can always vape without nicotine. Just be sure to check the labels, as many vape juices come pre-filled with nicotine. Always go for the trusted vape juice retailer.

Masking the nicotine taste with various flavourings

If you want to vape with nicotine but don’t like the bitter flavour, you can mask it with the right flavouring. Depending on the flavouring’s type and strength, you may not taste nicotine at all. It might take a bit of trial and error to find the right flavour, but your efforts will pay off eventually.

Vaping Cons

Before you start vaping, consider the following disadvantages.

Countless flavors and devices can be overwhelming!

This may not be a disadvantage per se, but it may be a deal-breaker for some people.

The number of choices regarding vaping devices and all the unique flavors can be very confusing. You might even find it so frustrating that you give up your search and decide to forget about vaping.

We recommend seeking advice from experts like shop attendants or experienced vapers (e.g., friends or people on vaping forums). Arm yourself with reliable information to make an informed decision, even if that means not taking up vaping.

Unknown health risks

We wouldn’t be entirely honest if we said that vaping was safe.

There are many scientific studies on vaping, most of them concluding that there are no health risks to worry about. However, their findings are inconclusive, as vaping is relatively new. There’s still much room for research, so potential health risks are still uncertain. For example, vaping has been linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, although this is still a topic of debate in the medical community.

After all, you’re inhaling vapor that comes from chemical ingredients. We can’t know for sure (yet) how that could affect your lungs and if there are any long-term health risks.

Risk of nicotine addiction

If you want to vape with nicotine, you have to know there’s a risk of nicotine addiction. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, so it can be difficult to wean off after prolonged use.

You might want to vape without it and enjoy a more pleasant vaping experience.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is one of the common side effects of vaping. It typically occurs because of propylene glycol, which prevents your salivary glands from producing enough saliva. A lot of VG can also cause the same effect.

That said, dry mouth can happen if you vape a lot, so you can avoid it if you’re doing it responsibly.

Vaping can be costly!

If you start vaping frequently, you’ll need to replenish your vape juices often. For instance, a 10 ml bottle of e-juice might last you about a week. That’s a weekly investment you’ll have to consider, besides the initial one of buying a vaping device.

Maintaining your vaping device is also a must unless you go for disposable vape pens. You’d have to replace the coils at least once a month (more frequently if you’re a heavy vaper), the battery after a while, and all the other parts, as they don’t last forever. So, crunch the numbers before making any purchases.

To Vape or Not to Vape?

It’s entirely up to you. But now that you’ve gained a better insight into both sides of vaping, you can make an educated decision. Don’t make a hasty one, so research the topic more and dig deeper into the pros and cons. Be wise and understand all the potential benefits and risks before going for it.

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