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Know about The Island Boys Net Worth & recent controversies

The Island Boys – “a viral duo of two goofballs in a pool” is what legendary rapper Snoop Dog had to say about the duo. Keeping aside all the controversies, the Island Boys duo has a net worth of millions which many of the youngsters of this age fail to achieve including the negative publicity. There are more controversies about the duo available on the internet than news or information. Time and again they keep on experimenting with methods to become viral. The Island Boys is a name given to two individuals who proclaim to be rappers but the audience has to say otherwise about the duo. In this blog we will provide you comprehensive coverage of the Island Boys biography, net worth, and all controversies surrounding them.


The Island Boys –Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd

REAL NAMES Alex Venegas

Franky Venegas

RELATION Twin brothers
DOB July 16, 2001
  • Tattooed body
  • Piercing
  • Skinny
  • Dreaded hair
  • Diamond teeth
  • Rapper, social media influencers
  • Owners of Island Boys entertainment and Big Bag entertainment productions
  • Only Fans
  • Youtubers
LIKES AND FOLLOWERS 7.5 million followers and 200 million likes
STYLE Contemporary rappers
SOURCES OF INCOME Social media & songs productions
NET WORTH $1 million USD
PERSONAL LIFE Alex is married

Montaisha Shanell is Franky’s ex girlfriend

  • 17
  • Trendsetters
  • Stardom
  • Life Been Good
  • Kissed publicly to promote their Only fans account
  • Involvement in online feuds with celebrities like Blueface, Logan Paul and others
  • Domestic violence
  • In & out of prison several times

Who are the Island Boys?

  • Island Boys is a group of two twin brothers named Alex and Franky Venegas, also known as Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. They both were born in Coral Springs California on July 21, 2001, and have Cuban roots. Their childhood was tough and they were involved in petty crimes.
  • They lost their father at an early age and were raised by a single mother. To survive they committed crimes like theft, robbery, and drug peddling. When their mother came to know about these incidents, she kicked them out of the house after 18. Talking about their personal lives, Alex Venegas is married and has one daughter while Franky is still single but has dated Montaisha Shanell in the past.
  • They became famous in Tik-Tok for a track that went viral named “I’m Island Boy”. Both of the boys were heavily trolled on the internet for a unique style of their singing even by celebrities like Snoop Dog and Kevin Hart. Nevertheless, the Island Boys also has a fanbase and people who are critical of them, do enjoy their songs comically. Their social media accounts have 7.5 million followers and get millions of likes for their songs.

Island Boys career:

  • For their involvement in petty crimes, the duo was jailed and it was then that they thought of building a career in the rap industry. The first video that you might have seen about the duo was first uploaded on Tik-Tok which later became viral on Twitter. Their rap style and looks were captivating in a humorous tone which attracted many users and trollers. There were also several memes circulated on the internet.
  • The Island Boys later got an offer to work with Kodak Black but due to some issues, they turned down the offer. Finally, the audience was able to see the full version of the ” “I’m an Island Boy” song in the year 2021 which has 2 million views on their official YouTube channel “Big Bag Ent”. The duo has also tried their hands on mumble rap. In May 2022, the boys were invited to participate in a reality show named “Ultimate Social Boxing” which followed a documentary of the brothers named ” Trolled: The Untold Island Boys Story” showcasing the lives of the twin brothers.

Controversies surrounding “The Island Boys”:

  • Franky Venegas is supposed to be the short-tempered one of the two. He has previously assaulted Montaisha Shanell on Instagram Live and abused his brother’s girlfriend. Again in another year, he was arrested for a similar offense with another woman in Pompano Beach AirBNB. He was acquitted and sentenced to jail for a few months in Broward County Jail.
  • To divert the audience’s attention towards them, they are often seen engaging themselves in feuds with other personalities from the industries including Blueface, Logan Paul, Bryce Hall, Snoop Dog, and Kevin Hart.
  • A person named Andrew James Thomas who killed an 8-year-old girl, was seen on their property and hid his gun in their closet owing to which their house in Florida was raided by the FBI. It is believed that Andrew James Thomas was a childhood friend of the twin brothers. Their video relating to the US Army was also under scrutiny as it was not welcomed by all.

The Island Boy’s Net Worth

Net Worth

Taking all the facts and figures into consideration, the total net worth of the Island Boys is nearly USD 1 million. The main source of income is through social media views, YouTube, and song creations. Another major source of their income comes through Only Fans subscription and viewership. Negative PR has also helped them and they can score some podcast interviews for themselves. 

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