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How to Vape and Vape Equipment: A Quick Guide


E-cigarettes and vaporisers are spreading over the globe as a result of the new health-conscious lifestyle. Inhaling the vapour from a heated nicotine-laced liquid, known as vaping, is an alternative to smoking that relies on an electronic device that is often battery-powered.

Brands like Innokin makes some of the greatest vapes on the market, which are known for durability and ease of use. However, it’s essential to know where they come from, how they operate, the options available, and what they imply before you start vaping.

What Makes a Vape Work?

In order to use a mouth-to-lung vaporiser, you’ll need a mouthpiece (also known as a drip tip), a cartridge (also known as a clearomiser), a liquid tank (also known as a clearomiser), and finally, a battery.

The battery powers a coil within the atomiser. When heated, the e-liquid is transformed into a vapour that may be breathed. In addition to the coil, the atomiser features a wick that regulates the amount of liquid that may contact it, dictating how much vapour can be inhaled.

Understanding the Vape Coil’s Crucial Role

The vape coil is a lot like a car’s engine. The heating and vaporising of the e-liquid are what keep the product functioning. As such, various materials may be used to make coils, like ceramic. Still, Innokin and its Zenith coil (also known as the “Z coil”) remains the most popular and reliable in the market. Besides, in the lower wattage range, it’s available in 1.6-ohm resistance for a more terrific vape, and in the higher-wattage range, it’s available in 0.8-ohm resistance for an even warmer cloud.

Ingredients Found in E-Liquid

The e-liquid comprises nicotine, water and flavouring, and a foundation of either glycol or plant-based glycol or both. And many studies have shown that vaping with e-liquids is safer than smoking cigarettes since the nicotine levels are much lower.

There are over 7000 flavours to pick from, including anything from coconut to strawberry. Besides, the FDA considers liquid glycerine safe for consumption, and it adds a sweet flavour to vapes.

Selecting an E-Liquid

E-liquid strength is the essential factor to consider when purchasing an e-liquid. Many e-cigarette users are trying to quit smoking, and selecting the right nicotine level is critical. As such, the most potent vape includes 18mg of nicotine in 10 ml, and for mild users, the nicotine content reduces to 12mg. Meanwhile, most new vapers start with higher nicotine levels and gradually lower them over time.

When it comes to the throat hit or the sensation of the vapour in the throat, it is entirely up to the user. Those who want a gentler throat hit can look at nicotine salts with a lower Propylene glycol percentage.

The flavour is the final and, maybe, trickiest item to choose from, considering the wide variety available. Fruit flavours like cherry and blueberry are available in various sweets and tarts and more basic selections like strawberry and raspberry. The tobacco flavour is also available for those who choose to smoke. Meanwhile, studies demonstrate that vaping non-tobacco flavours increase smokers’ likelihood of quitting for good.

Cleaning and maintaining the e-cigarette is crucial for making a move to e-cigarettes. As such, following the instructions provided in a product’s handbook or guide is always a good idea. And to find out whether vaping is right for you, the best thing to do is give it a go. Experiment with various flavours and coils to get a sense of what’s out there and which ones are ideal for you.

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