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David Dobrik Net Worth- YouTuber, Prank Creator and Entrepreneur!

David Dobrik is one of the famous names on YouTube. He found internet fame with his vines and moved to YouTube soon after. After nearly a decade as a digital creator and a Podcaster, David Dobrik has set his interest in the business field. However, Dobrik has two YouTube channels and has over 20 million subscribers combined. In 2020 he was one of the highest-earning YouTubers. David Dobrik’s net worth was $15 million in 2020 which he earned from his content. Born on 23rd July, 1996 David Dobrik age is 27 years old. He is perfect at making content with his friends, and with all his creativity and hard work, David is known as the Vlog Squad. Plus, he also does several stunts and feel-good giveaways. In addition, David Dobrik also gifted Teslas to his friends, and in turn, he continued to rack up his video views.

In this blog, we are going to delve into David Dobrik net worth, YouTube videos, humorous content and much more. You will get complete information about who is David Dobrik What are David Dobrik’s relationships and more. 

Quick details of David Dobrik’s net worth, family, and relations!!

Name David Dobrik
David Dobrik Profession YouTuber, Prank creator, podcaster, Entrepreneur
David Dobrik YouTube Channels 2 Channels (David Dobrik, David Dobrik Too)
David Dobrik Instagram @daviddobrik
David Dobrik Net worth $20 million
David Dobrik DOB 23rd July, 1996
Born in Košice, Slovakia
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality Slovakian
David Dobrik height 5’ 10’’ (178 cm or 1.78 m)
David Dobrik Siblings 2 Sisters (Sara and Toby), 1 Brother (Ester)
David Dobrik Girlfriend Liza Koshy

How much is David Dobrik’s net worth in 2024?

It’s notoriously difficult to get the detailed net worth of a YouTuber. However, according to collected sources, David’s net worth in 2024 has skyrocketed to approximately $20 million. Among all David’s monthly YouTube earnings are around £22.5K – £360.8K. He started his YouTube channel in 2015, and his unique vlogging style and high-energy content, support his earning. His ever-changing YouTube group, the Vlog Squad, has driven him to YouTube stardom and earned him an online choice for millions of viewers. 

Collaborating with friends like Jason Nash, David’s online career has been filled with comedy vlogs, viral videos, and challenge videos. All such things earned him a YouTube Diamond Play Button award in 2018. Plus, in the same year, he was featured in Paper magazine’s “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise”. 

How David Dobrik has earned this much net worth?

David Dobrik created his footprints on the digital scene as a content creator. Then his name started coming up among young Hollywood stars. The journey to David Dobrik’s net worth started with making comedic real-life situations vlogs. Secondly, his YouTube channels contributed to his rich net worth. It’s not all digital, he’s got his hands-on experience in the brick-and-mortar as well. Dobrik purchased real estate, for his Studio City home. He converted his property into an in-house recording studio. 

Before becoming a famous YouTuber, David was a successful creator of the Vine app. In his early professional years in 2013, David collaborated frequently with popular Viners including Liza Koshy, Jason Nash Gabbie Hanna, and Jason Nash. Jason Nash is still a member of David’s Vlog Squad. 

Moreover, David even co-owns a pizza joint called Doughbrik’s Pizza, and branching his Pizza brand into the food service industry. Besides all, much of his galore and revenue came via various social media platforms. He did not shy away from innovation while bringing in a steady online revenue stream. Moving further David Dobrik started an eye-catching photography app, Dispo, that’s gained immense popularity in no time. 

Who is David Dobrik dating? Who is David Dobrik’s girlfriend?

David was in a relationship for three years with Liza Koshy. They started dating in 2015. Liza’s Vine and David’s YouTube power had a combined audience of around 20 million followers at that time. Then suddenly in 2018, they broke up and people were curious to know “Why did David and Liza Koshy break up?” When asked the couple by their admirers then they revealed the reason saying their busy careers had caused them to drift apart. 

The couple reassured their fans through an Instagram video that their separation was agreeable. Furthermore, David garnered 60 million views on a “breakup video”. In their relationship, the two of them frequently filmed videos together but after their break up things then came to a halt. After that, David trolls his fans with David Dobrik relations. David Dobrik and his assistant Natalie, singer Madison Beer and TikTok star Addison Rae also were about David. But these all are rumours and David hasn’t confirmed anything officially. 

David Dobrik and Natalie      

Natalie Mariduena is one of David’s vlogs partner and fans also liked their togetherness. David and Natalie went to school together and since then have been fast friends. They also went to prom as dates. Later, Natalie became David’s assistant and lived with him in LA.  Rumors have been whirling about their romantic aspect for years. However, none of them confirmed their relationship. 

David Dobrik and Madison Beer 

This couple also uploads a handful of social media posts about their dating. Nevertheless, David confirmed that they are not dating but their TikTok videos went viral. 

David Dobrik and TikTok star Addison Rae

Since joining TikTok, David frequently collaborated with TikTok superstar Addison Rae. They teamed up a lot on TikTok. Fans wonder whether or not they were dating yet they had not revealed their relationship. 

Final words of David Dobrik’s family, relationships, profession and net worth!!

All in all, 27-year-old David Dobrik is gaining popularity with all of his efforts and engaging content. He seems to be a bit professional and does not want to share his details with the audience. That’s why his family name and profession are still unknown. If we talk about David Dobrik’s net worth then he is earning around $ 10 million in 2024. After gaining a huge fanbase on YouTube David left YouTube and has been more active on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Viewers often admire his vlogs on Snapchat. When he stopped working on his YouTube channel the platform demonetized his channels. Rather he has not stopped working on social media and still entertaining his viewers through other social media platforms. 

That’s all about David Dabrik. I hope you like the content and I tried to include all the details you need to know about David Dabrik. In case of any query, any of the readers are free to ask questions and we are obliged to answer promptly. 

Frequently Asked Questions!!

1. Why doesn’t David Dobrik get paid from YouTube?

In March 2021, YouTube demonetized all of David’s three YouTube channels for violating its creator responsibility policy.

2. What are David Dobrik’s investing quotes?

a). Pursue excellence, not money

b). Be passionate about your craft

c). Never become complacent

3. How did David Dobrik invest his money?

David Dobrik is envy-inducing his car collection onto his millionaire sash. He invests his money in:

  • Real Estate
  • Cars
  • Merch
  • Startups
  • Philanthropy

4. What is David Dobrik’s net worth?

David Dobrik is the guy who turned his world of likes, views and shares into a $20 million fortune. 

5. Does David Dobrik donate money?

Dobrik has made his career on YouTube stunts and earned surprising fans. Apart from this he is also a social person and is known for his extensive giveaways and financial contributions.


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