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Know Rapper B.G’s Net Worth and income sources

REAL NAME Christopher Noel Dorsey


DOB September 3, 1980
PLACE OF BIRTH New Orleans Louisiana
  • Lil’ Doogie
  • B. Gizzle
  • Bling
  • Bling Slim
  • Geezy
OCCUPATION Rapper and Songwriter
  • Chopper City 
  • Life After Cash Money
  • Chopper City in the Ghetto
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Get It How U Live! 
  • Worked as a drug pedlar in childhood
  • Suffered from addiction
  • Was in prison for 11 years
TOTAL NET WORTH  $2 million dollars
WEIGHT 72 kgs
KIDS Two sons and a daughter
  • Hot Boys
  • The B.G.’z
  • Cash Money Millionaires


B.G. also known as “Baby Gangsta”,  is a famous American rapper in the industry and is famous for rapping in numerous albums like Chopper City, The Heart of Tha Streetz, and others. B.G is one of the high net worth celebrities having assets and investments in millions. He has also worked with many record labels in the past and has pending projects with some of the leading studios like “Universal” and “Cash Money”. He is one of those early artists from the industry and is widely popular across other continents as well. Here you will get an estimate about B.G.’s net worth, and sources of income, along with other personal and professional details.

B.G’s early life and educational background:

  • B.G. is the rapper’s stage name while in reality B.G. is known as Christopher Noel Dorsey. B.G.’s name was adopted by the rapper when he performed for the first time when he was just 12. B.G. was born on September 3, 1980, in New Orleans Louisiana. He lived along with his family in the 13th Ward near the Freret neighborhood in New Orleans. The neighborhood was not at all a safe place for a living while he was just 12, his father Christopher Jasmin was shot in broad daylight during a robbery. To meet his demands and aspirations, B.G. also started selling drugs cocaine and had also established contacts with the dealers. His songs do indicate the surroundings he had during his childhood. 
  • He was his middle school when he got a chance to rap in front of Bryan “Birdman” Williams while he was having a haircut in a barbershop. Birdman was impressed by Dorsey’s skills and he and his brother “Slim” also took Dorsey to stay with them. His debut contract was with Cash Money Record Labels. Looking forward to a career in the Rap industry and his drug addiction made him drop out of high school. 

B.G’s Career and Net Worth:

B.G's Career
B.G’s Career
  • The very first album that he released at the age of 12 with Birdman’s Cash Money Record was a hit. He formed a group named “Hot Boys” along with “Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Turk in the year 1997. The group reached new heights of success each year. Collectively it released three albums but due to some misunderstandings, the group had to part ways in 2001. He has been active in the industry from 1995 to the present. He has collaborated with other artists and groups like Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Chopper City Boyz, and Cash Money Millionaires. 
  • B.G.’s Net worth is around USD 2 million. The major contributor to his wealth is the royalty money he earns for his songs from labels such as Universal, Chopper City, Koch, and others. Apart from this, he is also a songwriter. He has written most of the songs sung by him like “Gold Teeth Gizzle”, “B.G – Really Understand” and others. Audio streaming acts like Spotify, iCloud, and others also pay monthly/yearly fees to the artists including B.G. for his songs. The last contributor to B.G’s net Worth is YouTube and other Social Media platforms where he can endorse some products or sell his merchandise to his fans. His official accounts have millions of subscribers that have helped in attaining views in millions.

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