8 Essential Appliances for a First-Time Homeowner

Congratulations! Now that you have bought your very first home and fulfilled your lifelong dream, it is time to fill it up with some of the most essential appliances for a first-time homeowner: Let us check what you need first and foremost:

  1. Refrigerator

It is a no-brainer. Unless you live in an igloo, you will definitely need a refrigerator. However, no two units are alike when it comes to features and functions. Select the one that you think will serve your needs the best. If you love ice in your beer and wine, get a model that has an automatic ice cube dispenser. Similarly, it would be a waste of money and energy to get a giant unit meant for a large family when you and your spouse are the only two people living in your new home.

  1. Television

Let’s face it. No home is ever complete without its own TV set (or sets for that matter). It is your one-stop for all kinds of home theater and other home entertainment activities. Even if you don’t have any furniture to go with it in your living room, the TV will still make an excellent starting point. You can arrange the room around it so everyone is able to watch it without discomfort.

  1. Cooktop or cooking range

A fridge is not going to be very useful if you don’t have anything to store in it. Enter the cooking range. Every kitchen needs one. In fact, a kitchen won’t be a proper kitchen until you install a cooktop or cooking range. Many cooking ranges today are a combination of oven and cooktop. This will save up on your space a lot and it will have everything you need in one neat space.

  1. Washer & dryer combo

If you have been used to going to the local laundromat to get the job done every weekend, it’s time to goodbye to the commercial washing services and say hello to a washer and dryer for sale. Nobody will blame you if you get really excited and pick the very best one with the very latest features. After all, having a personal washer and dryer at your beck and call will not only save a whole lot of time but also make it considerably easier to get all of your laundry done on time, every time.

  1. A brand new Lawnmower

If your home comes with its very own lawn, you will need a cutting-edge (literally) lawnmower. You can opt to get plenty of exercise by pushing a manual lawn mower or you can save all that effort and just simply get a power mower. If you have shifted to a big house, you might need a riding style mow0er to get the job done quickly.

  1. A vacuum cleaner

This is probably one of the single most important appliances you can purchase when you buy a new home. Unless you prefer to mop and dust on your own, an automatic vacuum cleaner can get the job done in no time at all. However, not every cleaner has been built to handle all kinds of floorings, so you should be careful to only go for one that can handle your floorings and carpets.

  1. Microwave oven

The microwave is undoubtedly one of the handiest kitchen appliances ever invented. Even if you don’t use it for cooking you can always heat up your old leftovers or make some popcorn when you decide to watch the latest blockbuster. This handy appliance is an absolute must-have item in any new home.

  1. Thermostat

Installing a digital thermostat will help to regulate the temperature in your house and as such, it is an extremely important appliance for your home. In fact, it would not be wrong to consider it absolutely essential for your new house. Not only will it ensure that the desired temperature is always set in your house, but at the same time, it will also help you save on power bills too.

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If you have a new house you will need a thermostat, fridge, washing machine, and a cooking top to get your house start. You will also need smaller items such as a vacuum cleaner and the like.



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