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6 Best Degrees for Aspiring Startup Entrepreneurs

Startup Entrepreneurs

If you want to become a startup owner, you should start by getting the right foundation. You can always start a business without a formal education, but you may end up behind someone who actually knows how to run a business or has specialised skills. If your goal is to be successful, you have to consider getting a business degree or a degree that will help you in the sector you want to compete in. Let’s take a look at some of the best degrees for aspiring startup entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing

If you want to get involved in eCommerce, we strongly suggest that you look at some of the digital marketing programs out there. A digital marketing degree will teach you everything you need to know to market your business online. You’ll learn every technique in the book and how to manage and coordinate your online marketing efforts better.

This could be an especially great option for people who are already in the business world and would like to transition into a career as an eCommerce entrepreneur. If you have a bachelor’s in business or a field like computer science or engineering, then you could go for something like Aston University’s MSc digital marketing degree program. The best part is that you’ll be able to study from the comfort of your home and better manage your work/study balance.


You could also go for a regular marketing degree if the type of business you want is not heavily dependent on online marketing. You’ll learn how to target specific demographics, how to build and manage advertising campaigns, and monitor results. 

Marketing majors also have a deep knowledge of how customers think. They know how to build buyer personas and how to talk to them. They also know where these personas congregate and how to catch their attention. They can manage marketing teams and use a wide variety of marketing methods at once while keeping tabs on performance and making adjustments along the way. Marketing majors play an essential role in branding as well.


You may not assume that a degree in psychology would make someone a better entrepreneur, but psychology and business are much more closely intertwined than you think and marketing actually evolved as a branch of psychology.

Psychology might be better as a minor than a major if you want to run a business, but even a major in psychology will have skills that can translate to the business world. They will be better at motivating their employees, for instance. They will also be better at identifying whether recruits are a good choice or not.

They’ll be much better at reading people and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This will then allow them to delegate better and promote the right people for the right roles. All of these things can make a world of difference in an organisation. 

Someone with a psychology background will also be much better in social situations and will often be much better at networking. Having a deep understanding of the human psyche could turn you into a fierce negotiator as well.


The MBA cannot be overlooked even though its validity has been questioned over the years. If you want to be able to run your organisation from top to bottom, there is probably no better degree for you than the MBA now.

MBAs can run their company practically on their own. They can manage marketing, coordinate activities on the shop floor, and review mergers and acquisitions. They can manage human resources and some accounting functions as well.

A degree, such as an Online MBA in Ghana is a good choice if you want to have freedom and run your business confidently. It will also give you the set of skills needed to be a reliable, respected, and efficient leader.

Computer Science

Computer science is a great degree if you want to get into an IT-related field. You’ll learn how to maintain a database, how to create and manage websites, and even how to build apps. Having the skill to build proprietary apps is huge, either you want to sell them or use them to manage your internal operations better.

Computer science majors can start all sorts of industries. They can sell software or hardware. They can offer consulting services or managed solutions. Or they can open their own development agencies and build software and apps for other people.

A computer science major will be much less vulnerable to cyber threats than someone who isn’t to. They can deploy new solutions and implement them with less fear and uncertainty. They also can build and protect their networks. These are all things that will give you a leg up over the competition.

Graphic/Web Design

You also have the option of specialising in web design specifically. If you manage to get a graphic design formation on top of it, you’ll have everything it takes to create stunning and highly functional websites. 

A computer science major will teach you the basics of web design but won’t go as deep as a formal web design degree. You’ll understand things like HTML and CSS in and out, but you’ll also have a deep knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, and various coding languages.

You’ll be able to build and manage your sites either for yourself or others. You will never have to hire a web designer in your life ever again and when you consider the average price of a website these days, your formation could eventually end up paying for itself. You’ll know how to build a website that will perform well with search engines and offer the absolute best user experience to your clients as well, which will translate into more traffic to your website and higher conversion rates.


If you want to launch a startup and increase your chances of success, you should look at all these degree options. They all have something different to offer and one might benefit you more than the other, so look at them in detail and see which one would be the best suited for your future goals.

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