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Social Media Sensation Brooke Monk- Family, Relationship, Career and Net Worth!!

She is an American dancer, social media personality and Tiktok star. Brooke Monk is recognised for her dance and lip-sync videos on social media, especially on TikTok. She has a vast fan base on TikTok and amassed over 32 million followers on her viral video-sharing platform. Most of Monk’s TikTok content is dance-centric and follows the overwhelming response of her admirers. In addition, her lip-syncing, make-up tutorial and dance videos have helped her place among TikTok’s top creators and a social media celebrity. Today’s blog is to provide complete information about Brooke Monk’s net worth, age, profession and family. Let us delve into the details. 

Who is Brooke Monk?

Who is Brooke Monk?

Born on 31st January 2003, in Jacksonville, Brooke Monk rose to social media fame due to her YouTube and TikTok videos. Plus, she is multi-talented and creates engaged content for her viewers. Because of her interactive nature and talent to make videos Monk was driven to success at a young age.   

Apart from a strong presence on TikTok, Monk also translates her massive following on TikTok to other social media platforms. Her fan base on different social media platforms are:

  • Brooke Monk Instagram followers: Over 5.2 million followers
  • Brooke Monk YouTube subscribers: Around 5.79 million
  • Brooke Monk TikTok followers: 32 million
  • Brooke Monk Twitter followers: 9736 followers

Monk’s fans have stated that her content is extremely focused on high school students. With all of her popularity among the young fan base, Monk was signed by WME in March 2022.  WME is the longest-running talent agency in the world and they signed Monk to provide relatable comedy skits and family-related content.

Quick Details of Brook Monk’s Net Worth, Family, and Relationships!!

Full Name Brooke Monk
Brooke Monk’s date of birth 31 January, 2003
Brooke Monk net worth $2 million
Brooke Monk Residence Los Angeles, California
Brooke Monk Nationality American
Brooke Monk Profession TikTok sensation, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter start
Brooke Monk first social media post In September 2019 on TikTok
Brooke Monk parents No information available
Brooke Monk siblings 5 siblings (Bryanna, Brett, Blaize, Breanne, and Audra)
Brooke Monk Relationship Samuel Dezzani (Social media celebrity)

What are Brooke Monk Sources of Income?

Brooke Monk Sources of Income

Social media celebrity Brooke Monk has gardened a vast fan base and has earned approximately a net worth of $2 million. She is earning her impressive valuation mainly via content creation on her hugely popular TikTok and Instagram accounts. Let us have a brief look at Brooke Monk income sources:

TikTok Account- Brooke Monk became popular through her TiTok account at first. As per the collected resources, Brooke Monk is getting around $50,881 – $76,322 per post. Plus, based on impressive Brooke Monk TikTok followers and an engagement rate of 2.23% on the app, Brooke Monk is earning a lot through TikTok.

Instagram Account- As of 2024, Brooke Monk has 5.2 million followers on her Instagram account. After TikTok, Instagram is the second social media platform where Monk is very active and frequently posts reels and other engaging content. The best part is that on her Instagram videos, her boyfriend also comes with her. The couple makes wonderful videos and is liked by admirers. According to Social Blade, Brooke Monk’s average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.07% of her other social media accounts. 

On Instagram, Monk is also often seen promoting the energy drink. So, it can be concluded that Brooke Monk also earns her revenue through brand promotions on social media.

Brook Monk YouTube Channel- Brooke Monk Net Worth estimates that the Brooke Monk YouTube channel is giving her about $3.96 million. In addition, her channel earns an estimated $990,390 yearly with an estimated earning between $3-$7 per one thousand views. 

Brooke Monk Business Ventures- Besides social media, Brooke Monk also has a line of merchandise. This field of business features apparel and beauty products like facemasks and hoodies. Viewers can buy such items on Monk’s

Brooke Monk Dancing- Brook Monk is also a great dancer and recently, Brooke Monk recreated the Saltburn dance wearing her sweatshirt. You can also see her amazing dance talents in a recent social media clip on the pop classic “Murder on the Dancefloor” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor in a 2001 performance. 

Brooke Monk Career Life!!

As you know till now Brooke Monk is a social media personality and she began her professional journey as a content creator. You can easily trace her ascent to social media stardom. By honing for spotting market trends Monk is effortlessly engaging with her followers on the web. With all her efforts she quickly became a hit on TikTok and other platforms. Plus, she is popular for making hilarious sketches and lifestyle vlogs to truly take her into the online limelight. Moreover, Monk is booming deeply with her audience.

In one of the YouTube Q&A videos, Monk disclosed that she had spent the majority of her childhood being homeschooled. Then she intended to enrol in college and graduate. But after completing her graduation Monk has changed her mind.

She asserts that going to college is an investment and one “should get a significant return on” this investment. At that time she didn’t have any plans and she decided that she didn’t want to waste her time and money going to college.  

Brook Monk Relationship status

Monk has a personality that she wants to keep her private life private. But she does occasionally let her online audience in on glimpses of her love and relationship life. However, there is no status of her current relationship. 

Concluding Words of Brook Monk Net Worth!!

Brooke Monk is a famous online personality and has created several videos on different social media platforms. All such websites have earned around $2 million Brooke Monk net worth in 2024. She is a good dancer and has numerous viewers who like to admire Monk’s dance steps for body shaping and dance competitions as well. One of her popular TikTok videos “Whose hand is in the video” “how Brooke reacts to someone raising her voice at her.”

I hope I have added all the details of Brooke Monk’s celebrity that you must know. If any of my readers have any questions regarding our blogs then their queries are always acceptable. We are eager to answer their questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions!!

Who is Brooke Monk?

She is an American dancer, TikTok star, and social media personality. She is identified and admired for her dance and lip-sync TikTok videos. 

How old is Brooke Monk social media celebrity?

Brooke Monk was born on 31st January 2003 and is currently 21 years old as of 2024. 

How rich is Brooke Monk?

Yes, Brooke Monk is rich enough with an estimated Brooke Monk net worth of $2 million. Different sources are part of her income source. 

What is Brooke Monk famous for?

Brook Monk is famous for her dancing videos and lip-sync reels on TikTok. She is earning a huge fan base with all such videos.

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