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5 Tips to Train Your Cat to Drink from A Cat Water Fountain

So, you see a cute cat water fountain and decide to get it for your furry friend. Good choice, but not to burst your bubble, but there’s a high chance they may not be interested. They may even be scared of this strange, new contraption spewing out water.


For your cat to drink from it, you’ve got to get creative with the execution. Transitioning them from their trusted water bowl into a foreign water fountain can be frustrating and an uphill task.

Yes, you have the best interests of your cat at heart, but how do you show it that the water fountain is the real debrid com device best way for them to drink water? Lucky for you, there are tricks and tips you could use to help your cat accept their new water source.

How are Cat Water Fountains Beneficial to Your Cat

Any cat lover will tell you those cute, mischievous little critters deserve the best. Taking care of them is hard because they’re pretty picky, but it’s a rewarding experience. One of the most critical responsibilities of a cat owner is to give it fresh, clean drinking water at all times.

Enter the cat water fountain.

According to cat water fountains are a great way to hydrate your furry friend. They are a great investment for many reasons such as:

  • They have usually and they continually cycle the drinking water through the filters to prevent the growth of bacteria, ensuring the water is always fresh and clean.
  • Since water is constantly moving within the fountain, your cat is enticed to drink water, and it helps protect them from kidney and urinary diseases.

So, if you have a cat fountain and you’re finding it difficult to get your cat to use it, here are five tips you could use to change that.

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1.  Try and Keep the Cat Water Fountain Away from The Food Bowl

Naturally, you don’t want the cat’s food to become mushy or damp because of water splashed from the fountain. You also risk contaminating the food.

Placing the water fountain in a different location will encourage the cat to look around for the water, and chances are to drink it from the fountain.

2.  Reward Your Cat Every Time It Uses the Fountain

Every time you see your cat drink from the fountain, even when it’s turned off, give them a treat. This response will encourage the cat to drink water from the fountain only because it’s doing a good thing that deserves a treat.

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This will get them used to the water fountain in no time. Try as much as possible to be consistent with rewarding your cat for using the fountain in the beginning.

3.  Give Them the Chance to Investigate

Cats are by nature — there’s even a saying for this. They spend more time in one part of the house than in others. Carefully monitor your pet and find out which space or room in the house they like more.

Most cat owners put their cat fountains on stands or tables. If you do this, ensure enough room for them to move around without knocking it over.

At first, your cat may be too scared to come up to the water fountain, or they simply don’t see the bowl of water. You can try to show them by putting your finger in the bowl of water and bringing it close to their lips.

This may help them understand what this new device is.

4.  Try and Get a Silent Cat Water Fountain

Your pet may be scared of the water fountain because of the noise it produces.

Obviously, because of the running water element of your fountain, it can be silent unless it’s turned off. However, you can get a quitter one. Pet fountains can get quite noisy, especially if it’s made of plastic.

Using ceramic fountains is much better because they are a lot quieter. If you think your cat is not drawn to the fountain because they are scared of the sound, try getting one with a lower volume.

It’s also important to note that loud fountains are due to the water level being too low or a dirty filter. Clean out your filtered cat fountain regularly and ensure the minimum water level is reached.

5.  Keep Fresh Water Available in a Different Bowl

Your cat’s water fountain will most likely make it nervous. You can fill the water bowl in the fountain and not turn it not until your cat begins to get curious and use it.

After this, you can turn it on once or twice weekly, but at the lowest setting if it has multiple settings.

If the cat familiarizes itself with the fountain, well and good, but if it’s still scared, be patient and provide them with another source of clean, fresh water. Cats have a, and that could be why your pet is slow to adapt to its new fountain.

Don’t force your cat to drink from the fountain by removing all other clean water sources.


If you still see your cat not responding to the fountain after all these, don’t force it. The cat will investigate the fountain when it feels comfortable and at its own time.

If you force it, it may form a negative association with the fountain. Patience and persistence is the key to getting your cat to drink from its water fountain.

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