With the New Year approaching it’s possible that you’re thinking of the idea of launching an YouTube channel. Perhaps you’re a YouTube veteran who wants to provide your content an overhaul to help you achieve your goals and target viewers.

No matter what your circumstance you’re in, understanding YouTube’s algorithm is crucial to having any kind of success on the platform. Famous for its discretion and snarkiness, it is said that the YouTube algorithm can either make or the life of your channel. If you ignore it, your content could not make it to the result pages or receive the audience you want.

Be smart with your choices and you’ll be getting closer to the path of your dreams.

The blog post is on the YouTube algorithm and includes a few hints on how it functions (and how you can work with it). In short, it’s your roadmap towards YouTube success. Let’s start!


Before you start making adjustments to YouTube, you need to be aware of the fact that you have to consider a range of external influences that could impact your performance and rank on YouTube. These external factors are usually beyond your control and should be kept in mind while moving ahead.

The most important external element is the level of interest in your subject. If your topic falls within a niche that isn’t very large it might not be ranked with the same level as a prominent subject. If your business is focused on this specific niche, you have a chance to succeed. Incorporate higher-ranking subjects, generalized content or current content to increase your rank and increase viewers to your website to ensure that your viewers are exposed to your particular content.

The next thing to consider is the competition. It is impossible to control the amount of time your viewers spend on different channels or their content However, you can control how you make it happen for your benefit. Do more than what other channels are offering. Offer additional value (in the form of giveaways, freebies contests, etc.) and exclusive content) And you may be able to see an increase in your retention rate for your videos!

Finally, seasonality. Viewership fluctuates all through the year due to holidays as well as school, work and other commitments that fluctuate. The interest in certain subjects can fluctuate depending on the season, so you can use this advantage to your advantage. Back to school content should be published in the latter part of summer, whereas DIY projects can be helpful in the Christmas season.

While it’s crucial to recognize that there are elements beyond your control, it’s essential to do your homework. If you’re seeing the steady decline in engagement, it could be an indication that the issue lies with your content which is in your control. Do not be afraid to try new things and try out new techniques to increase engagement once more.

Common Algorithm Misconceptions

Now is the time to dispel the misconceptions you might be able to dispel about YouTube’s algorithm. The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that YouTube actually has several algorithms on various pages. As an example, the one algorithm governs the home page content while another controls suggested videos, and a third to determine search results. YouTube’s recommendation system determines the results of the homepage and suggested video. It’s a great idea to utilize this algorithm so you can give your content the greatest chance of success.

VIEWER SATISFACTION and What it means for your CHANNEL

Satisfaction of viewers is the determining factor in the content YouTube will rank when ranking content. This is assessed by periodically showing surveys following a video, asking viewers what they think and feel about the content that is being discussed. The survey results are utilized to build prediction models to determine which content is enjoyable in the near future.

Satisfaction of viewers can also be determined by likes or dislikes as well as the number of clicks to the button ‘not interested’ (which you can choose on your homepage or the suggested video tab).

This means that views, as well as subscribers don’t have to be the sole key elements in getting better rankings on YouTube. But if you do need subscribers, you can always buy YouTube subscribers. Making sure that your content receives sufficient likes and not too many dislikes and frequently monitoring your own viewers to find out what they think about your content can assist you in working with the algorithm instead of in opposition to it.

Rankings on the HOMEPAGE and Suggested Pages

It’s now time to boost your rankings on the homepage and on suggested pages. What should you do to begin? Let’s look at the factors YouTube considers when it comes to every one of those areas.

To determine the homepage’s ranking, YouTube considers click-through rates and view retention to determine the extent to which a particular video resonated with viewers. Next, YouTube personalizes a specific user’s recommendation based upon their past watch habits. If a person watches numerous recipes and a specific cake decorating video has been gaining traction with the viewers, they might be able to see the particular video in their home page. One method to increase your chances of getting in the top results is making sure that you’ve got the most appealing thumbnail in order to boost the number of clicks you get.

In the section titled Suggested the previous activity of a user is considered. The creation of a series of videos that are linked to each other will aid in removing the competitors and make sure your channel’s content is featured in the suggested video sidebar. YOUR videos are shown in the suggested sidebar, allowing users to continue looking through your channel’s content without having to click away.

Quick Tips and Tricks

Let’s get to suggestions and tricks that could assist you in improving general YouTube performance.

Make sure you optimize your videos to be optimized for YouTube SEO. This means you write well-written titles, tags and descriptions. It doesn’t end with metadata, however. Making sure you have an appealing thumbnail, as well as a catchy intro video, as well as solid editing skills to keep viewers interested are essential for increasing your click-through rates, engagement, and viewer retention, respectively.

It’s recommended to incorporate timestamps into your video or chapter. This isn’t just more comfortable for viewers but could also increase retention.

YouTube has recently also launched YouTube Shorts Don’t overlook this exciting innovative content format.


Now that you’re an expert YouTube algorithm master You may be thinking about what the reason is for why your content hasn’t been performing the way you’d like it to. However, there’s no 100% guaranteed way to rank on the first page of results of searches or to outdo your competitors. Like you’ve seen, YouTube’s algorithm will prioritize content that has already received significant engagement that leaves up and to come content to be left in the background. If you’ve got an established channel, however your content is stalling and you’re seeing an increase in engagement. What can you do to work to overcome this? Through making the investment in SMM tools, of course!

When you purchase YouTube views, subscribers, likes as well as others engagement metrics, you’ll be able to create a solid base for engagement on your YouTube channel. This will in turn enable your content to be more prominent and be seen by an audience that is organic. More views, subscribers, and likes you offer your content you’ll get as new viewers discover your channel’s amazing content.

What are you wasting time to do? It’s time to streamline the YouTube journey and meet your goals on social media!


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