Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on sale for $140

Xbox Elite Series 2


The basic Xbox controller may be a gold standard gamepad, but sometimes you get into a game and realize how nice an extra button or two would be. Maybe you’re in a racing game and you want paddles for shifting gears or you’re super into space flight games and want more options for pitching or rolling as you fly. That’s what the Elite Controller is all about, offering extra buttons that work with a ton of different games. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive gamepads of all time. At least, usually. Today, it can be had for $40 less than the normal sticker price at Best Buy.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is designed so you can customize it to your needs. The tolerances on each of the buttons can be manually adjusted so they move the way you want, and feel totally different from the other controllers you pick up. Several of the buttons can be replaced with different options based on the game you’re playing, and by the end of the set-up you’ll have something that is totally yours.

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