WWE Crown Jewel 2021: Results, Reigns retains, full recap and analysis

Edge pins Seth Rollins

Crown Jewel opened with a match that will be very hard to top. Edge defeated Seth Rollins after a lengthy Hell in a Cell match, one that saw both talented performers pull out a bag of tricks — as well as many weapons. Edge won the match by Curb Stomping Rollins onto a chair. 

The match started hot. Rollins moments in attempted a Suicide Dive on Edge on the outside, but missed Edge and caught the red Hell in a Cell cage instead. Edge then brought chairs into the ring, so weapons were integrated almost immediately. Edge broke the chair apart and tried to use a chair part to lock Rollins in a crossface, as he’s done in the past, but Rollins scurried out. 

Eventually, Edge did manage to get Rollins a crossface, but Rollins got out by grabbing part of the chair and jabbing it in Edge’s eye. He then hit a Frogsplash for a 2 count — the first of many nearfalls.

Rollins setup a table on the outside and tried to powerbomb Edge over the toprope through the table, but Edge wriggled out. Rollins planted Edge with the Unprettier, Christian’s finishing move, for another nearfall. Rollins scaled the top rope, but Edge pushed him off the turnbuckle and Rollins crashed through the table.

With Rollins down, Edge set up the steel steps in the middle of the ring. Edge planted Rollins with an Edge-o-Matic, and then, with Rollins splayed across the steps, did a flying elbow drop with the steel chair from the top rope. Two count. 

Edge then went for a spear, but Rollins countered with a Superkick and a Pedigree for a two count. Rollins then attempted a Curbstomp, but Edge caught him and reversed it into a Buckle Bomb, and then hit Rollins with a Spear for a great two count. The crowd showers them with a “This is Awesome!” chant. It really is.

Edge introduced more weapons into the match, bringing out a ladder and another table. They’d be used in spectacular fashion, when Rollins hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb over the ladder, through the table. Another two count. Rollins brought out a bag of tools into the ring, and pulled out a thick chain. He wraps it around his boot and superkicked Edge with the chained-up boot. 

Rollins tried to Curb Stomp Edge with the chained-up foot, but Edge moved out of the way and shoved a chair up Rollin’s crotch. Edge barraged Rollins with superkicks and locked him in a crossface using a wrench from the aforementioned toolbag. Pretty gnarly. Before Rollins can tap out, Edge broke up the hold. He planted a chair underneath Rollins, hit him with the Curb Stomp and pinned him, 1-2-3.

Rating: 4.25 stars. I feel bad for whoever has to follow this. Some of this certainly bordered on preposterous, with each man kicking out of things that should have left them dead. Still, to used an overused phrase, it felt epic in a way that few WWE matches have over the last year.

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