WordPress Or Traditional Website – Choose Your Strategy

Businesses need websites to present themselves online. Everything you put into your creativity needs to reflect through your online presence. If it’s good enough to impress your customers or clients, it’s worth the investment you’ve put into it. But if not, you need to rethink your website strategy.

One of the critical decisions while creating an effective web strategy would be choosing between a traditional website and a WordPress setup. Today, many businesses prefer the easy-to-use WordPress platform, while others like to have their websites built from scratch with the most personalized features. So, you, too, would need to weigh the merits of each to understand what works best for you.

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How? We’ll help you. Today, we’re listing down a few of the basic comparisons between traditional and WordPress sites. Keep reading to understand which one offers you the most benefit:

Website Performance

To begin with, let’s discuss website speed and performance. When you get a website built from scratch, you decide what goes into your site, and the developers can provide you with the most optimal code for peak performance. WordPress, however, comes with unnecessary additions for each feature that subsequently slow down your website.

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Customized Features

Furthermore, you can ask for as many customized features as you want with a traditional website. There’s no end to it besides technical limitations or your imagination. On the other hand, WordPress offers plugins for customized features, but you can only use them as they are. For personalization, you’ll need to spend money regardless.

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Development Speed

This is where WordPress development services come out on top. With traditional websites, you need a lot of patience. It takes a long time, from the initial website design to the prototype, development, and finalization. But WordPress sites take less than a day to finalize, so you get a working business site exponentially quicker.

Theme Customization

This point extends the last one in WordPress’s favor. WordPress offers you maximum control over the content and appearance of your site. With traditional websites, you’d be dependent on skilled developers for design updates, but you can change the theme options and colors to your preference with WordPress.

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Security Features

This is where traditional sites take the lead. WordPress isn’t too far behind, of course. You receive regular features and security updates. But if someone finds a security threat for your version of the site, you’re at risk. With your website, you’ve got a unique setup of technologies that keeps you relatively safer.

Search Engine Rankings

WordPress wins the last round as well. It provides you with built-in SEO options and helps you rank your website on search engines quicker. Plus, search engines like Google give preference to WordPress sites, which is a double boost compared to a regular website.

Pick Your Favorite

Now, this was a brief comparison between WordPress and traditional websites. Of course, both have their perks and demerits. So, only you can decide what works for you based on your requirements. Or you can try calling some web design company in Los Angeles for guidance, and you’ll be sorted for in no time. Good luck with nailing your business website development

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