Wipro to hike pay of 80% eligible staff in September

BENGALURU: IT services provider Wipro will increase salaries of 80% eligible employees in September.

This is the second such exercise this year as the company looks to retain staff amid a battle for talent in the country’s tech sector.

“On average, the increments will be in the high single-digits for offshore employees, while it will be in the mid-single digits for onsite employees. The company will reward top performers with substantially higher increases,” Wipro said in a statement on Friday.

The company said it will offer hikes to all eligible employees below the level of assistant manager.

The company announced a similar salary increase for employees in this band in January. For managers and above, the company said pay hikes would be effective June 1.

Wipro’s attrition rates jumped to 12% in the quarter to March, prompting it to offer skill-based bonuses, salary hikes for senior leaders and promotions.

Bengaluru-based Wipro closed the year with 197,712 professionals, adding over 7,700 people in the March quarter. The company expects to hire over 18,000 freshers during the year. Larger rival rolled out salary increments in April, the second in six months to its 489,000 workers.

Cross-town rival Infosys will begin its second employee performance review from July 1, after it added to employee salaries in January.

HCL increased salaries in October, while Tech Mahindra did so in January.

The top five companies combined employ over 1.24 million people, more than a fourth of India’s 4.6 million technology workforce.

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