Will Smith’s Net Worth 2023: Let’s explore his lifestyle, controversy with Chris Chris, and more about Oscar-winning actor

Will Smith, originally named Williard Carroll Smith II, is an Oscar-winning actor, producer, and music rapper. He is known for his iconic roles in more than 80 movies including  Men In Black, Independence Day, and The Pursuit of Happiness. 

Will Smith’s net worth is assessed to be approximately $350 million in 2023 making him one of the highest-paid actors in the world. 

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In this article, we will gather information about his career, lifestyle, controversy with Chris Rock, and Will Smith’s net worth. 

Will Smith Biography

Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968, in West Philadelphia with the name Willard Carroll Smith II. 

He married Sheree Zampino in 1992 and got divorced from her in 1995.

Then he married Jada Pinkett in 1997.

Will Smith has one son named Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III from his first marriage. 

And one son, Jaden Smith, and one daughter, Willow Smith with his current wife Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Will Smith got banned from the Oscars Awards in 2022 for 10 years after a slapping controversy with stand-up comedian Chris Rock. 

By 2023, Will Smith’s net worth was estimated to be nearly $350 million with an annual income of about USD 40 million to USD 80 million. 

Will Smith’s Net Worth

Will Smith makes an income of about $40 to $80 million annually through his movies and various brand endorsement and advertising. 

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In the 2000s, Will Smith attained about $20 to $30 million per movie which makes him one of the highest-paid actors across the world. 

Will Smith’s net worth is approximately $350 million as estimated in 2023.

Will Smith Followers

Will Smith is a social media megastar with about 63 million followers on Instagram, 9.81 million subscribers on YouTube, 73 million Followers on TikTok, and 115 million followers on Facebook. 

He also gained many followers on social media after a controversy with Chris Rock. 

Will Smith Lifestyle

With a net worth of about $350 million, Will Smith lives an extravagant lifestyle that includes real estate investments, an exclusive car collection, a private charter plane, and a basketball team of his own. 

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Will Smith owns a sumptuous mansion near Malibu Creek which has nine rooms spread over a 2,300 square meter area and is provided with a basketball court, an equestrian trail, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a personal recording room, and many other comfortable necessities. 

Will Smith and his wife Jada also own 10 real estate properties in Hawaii, Utah, and Philadelphia which all total about USD 100 million worth of real estate? 

Will Smith’s Private Film Studio

Will Smith founded a private film studio ‘Overbrook Entertainment’ in 1998 with his wife Jada and James Lassiter. 

The studio directs the creation of various famous Hollywood movies like Hitch, Hancock,  I Am Legend, The Karate Kid, and Gotham. 

Will Smith’s net worth is estimated to be about $350 million in 2023 which is earned by various endeavors in the music and film industry. 

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Controversy With Chris Rock

During Oscar Awards 2022, standup comedian Chris Rock made a joke about the baldness of Jada Pinkett, wife of Will Smith.  In reaction to this Will Smith went to the stage and slapped Chris Rock and asked him to keep his wife out of humor. 

Later on that evening, he was awarded the best actor award and he apologized to the academy for his misbehavior but did not mention the comedian. 

This slapping incident initiated the controversy between Chris Rock and Will Smith and the Oscar Academy banned Will Smith from the Oscars Awards for 10 years. 

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Will Smith’s net worth? 

Will Smith’s total net worth is about $350 million. 

  • How tall is Will Smith? 

He is 6’2″

  • What is Will Smith’s annual income? 

Will Smith makes about $40 to $80 million per year.

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