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Why should you start a small business?

Did you know small businesses contribute to 99.7% of the total businesses in the United States? Having a business idea is very exciting but, starting it could be daunting to many. It is because they do not know the benefits of a well-researched small start-up. There are many reasons why people prefer to become independent business owners. 

If you have the right expertise and a creative mind, you can definitely look at starting your own small start-up rather working under someone for a typical 9 to 5 job. Globalization has opened up oodles of opportunities for entry level entrepreneurs. There were times when business owner paid huge money on running ads and making ad films. Social media platforms and SEO tools have made the lives of small businessmen easier.

Let’s check out the reasons how a small start-up can make you a good and big entrepreneur one day. 

Why should you start a small business?

  • Be the boss and sole proprietor:

Doesn’t that sound cool? It is always better to be your boss than hearing discouraging remarks from someone else. Every time you make a mistake, you learn and rise than feeling disappointed about it. One mistake at job can put you down from promotion and incentives whereas in personal business, you learn from every mistake. 

From creating an idea to making decisions in implementing it, you take every step carefully as it is your business. By being a boss to yourself, you also have greater control, flexible working hours, and great self-learning opportunity. 

  • Hone your business profile:

If you realize the potential and talent in you, you must work on starting a small business on your own. Entrepreneurship takes you to a different world of diverse learning, opportunities, problem-solving, and decision-making.  By performing various roles in your own business, you hone your skills.

Some skills that will develop in you by your own small start-up include:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Makes you adaptable to every situation
  • Become more self-confident
  • Become ambitious to achieve your goals
  • A learning attitude to learn things different


  • Turn your business passion into a profitable business:

Your current job will not pay you much in the coming years that your own business can if you are determined and consistent. It is because you grow and create opportunities for self with every business step forward. You realize the importance of time and the deadlines.

The statistics that you see every day with your small scale start-up will show you where you are leading. The first few years of a small scale business could be challenging but, if you consider this phase as learning than challenging, you will turn your business into a profitable unit soon.

  • Improve your earning capabilities:

This is surely happening as you learn every single day with your small start-up. Starting a small-scale business needs good research, hard work, efforts, and more… Many people often have this question wandering in their minds; ‘Does it pay to be an entrepreneur?’ The answer is yes!

Some have started with pennies and are now listed in top fortune 100 companies as billionaires. People who think differently are willing to work for 80 hours a week as an entrepreneur than working for 40 hours weekly as an employee. It is because they know that their present determination will benefit them in the future for long.  

  • Make jobs for others:

Small businesses have flourished over the last decade and have raised many job opportunities for the deserving. Having own start-up company means you have the liberty to hire, train, and work with like-minded professionals.

Some even sponsored for social awareness programs and NGOs for the development of the society. If you consider the statistics from some of the known sources, small businesses have contributed to 65% of total new jobs over the last 20 years. 

  • Learn and grow business self-experiences:

One major reason to launch your own small business is to grow from your own failures and experiences. What people consider failure is learning for an entrepreneur with a positive attitude. Some start-ups give up too soon and admit failures whereas some eventually take off to the different level altogether.

As a small business entrepreneur, you cannot blame anyone else but, take ownership of your failures and areas of improvement. Few accept responsibility, respond to the failures, and act on it with no further delays. In fact that’s a cool way to improve from self-failures.

  • Become a business expert and role model:

Small business can become huge on its own. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you one opportunity or one chance to prove your worth. You can take your own time and do that one thing well. An idea that you feel strong about can be launched after rigorous research and planning.

You can identify your own passion, give time, and turn that idea into a business opportunity. A dedicated small business entrepreneur can become a business expert from self-learning and be a role model to many. Browse around this site for more…


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