Why Should You Choose Magento as Your Ecommerce Platform?

An ecommerce platform is a software that enables a business owner to sell products online. There are many ecommerce platforms that you can decide to use. Based on the user experience with these ecommerce platforms,  Magento leads the rest any day.

Magento is the number one ecommerce platform, and it is designed with PHP, Which makes the creation of an ecommerce website easy. You can work with a leading Magento development team such as Bing Digital to create your own Magento store and start selling products online.

Read along to know why you should use Magento as your ecommerce platform.

6 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento as Your Ecommerce Platform?

Even though there are many ecommerce platforms, most high profile businesses have chosen the Magento ecommerce platform to run their online business, including Samsung Company. Therefore, you will not wish to be left out.

1.   Magento is open-source, with high customisation.

Magento ecommerce platform is highly flexible, and it allows its customers to create their own unique and different brands. Again, the platform is flexible enough to change and fit with the preferences of its customers.

2.   You are free to choose your hosting services

Magento ecommerce platform allows you to have the hosting services of your choice, stick to just one hosting service. The online businesses can therefore have their files having different hosting services.

3.   Magento is mobile responsive

The Magento ecommerce platform is made in a way that it is compatible with mobile phones. It is designed with HTML5 technology that makes it possible to shop through their phones.

This will make you have an optimised ecommerce store since there is increased use of mobile phones and online shopping. Through the Magento mobile app, you can use your smartphone to connect anywhere.

4.   Search Engine Optimization

Magento has the best traffic when it comes to Search Engines. Search engine optimization helps you to optimise your sales. At the Magento ecommerce platform, you can create your URLs, descriptions and any other keyword that can serve as your SEO.

In addition to that, it has powerful tools that you can use to optimise your conversation and orders values such as cross-sells.

It also has some SEO friendly features like:

  • Product Title
  • Sitemaps
  • Meta tags
  • Layered
  • Navigation

5.   Better speed

Magento ecommerce platform has a good speed when dealing with the loading of the page. I can say that the Magento ecommerce platform is the fastest ecommerce store across the world, with high-speed web page loadings.

You already know that web pages that load slowly will not stand time. Choose Magento that has high-speed loading web pages to see your business thriving.

6.   Easy Integration.

Magento allows you to integrate modules and third-party advertisements easily. As a retailer at Magento, You are also free to modify anything to your preference, without any restriction.

You can add and remove Google analytics or other third party interactions like PayPal, to help you get data analysis.


If you are one of the many upcoming online retailers, and you are looking for the best ecommerce platform that will help you sell your products, look no further. Magento is here for you, for your needs.


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