Why is infusing augmented reality in hotels a good investment?

Without a doubt, augmented reality is taking the world by storm. Infusing augmented reality in hotels is one of the steadiest and latest hospitality industry trends today. Augmented reality is providing hospitality institutions with boundless opportunities to engage with guests. From offering a virtual tour of guest rooms before booking to helping customers from abroad find important nearby locations there are numerous reasons why augmented reality in hotels is a wonderful idea. If you are thinking if augmented reality is for hotels, then let us tell you that it definitely is. In a couple of years, the hospitality industry is going to be a major player that will help augmented reality reach its revenue goal.

Why consider investing in augmented reality in hotels?

  • Improvement in pamphlets, brochures, and hotel prospectus: Augmented reality can highly enhance your brochure game. Many premium hospitality institutions are using AR brochures to demonstrate their accommodations and amenities. You can pair up with a good hotel supplier and amp your services.
    A good hotel supplier will provide you with the highest quality products to create a wonderful impression on your guests. You can list the products provided by the hotel supplier in the brochure.
    Guests can see the virtual layout of the space they are thinking of booking and process to view other Hotel amenities such as the pool, spa, restaurant, and gym. This will lead to an enhanced user experience and increased satisfaction.
    This will also trigger a boost in booking rates as guests will have a better understanding and comprehension of how their stay at the property will be.
  • Guest recognition: If you want to pave your way to the top, you need to regard your customers at the highest pedestal and understand that every guest is special and needs to be handled with politeness and care. At times, it is not always possible for the hotel staff to do so. The hotel staff could implement augmented reality in hotels in the form of Google Glass to help solve this issue.
    While wearing Google glass, staff members have the ability to see important details such as identifying if the customer is old or now, do they have a room preference, are at the hotel for business or pleasure.
    Knowing your customers will give you an edge over other hospitality institutions that do not make use of augmented reality. Guests will also get a sense of satisfaction and will be encouraged to stay in your hotels even in the future. This way, new customers will also consider availing of your services and you will be able to retain the old customers
  • Propagation of information:
    Upon getting a hotel app downloaded, the Augmented reality could help guests receive important information regarding the services you provide. You should think out-of-the-box and curate an app design for your hotel. Think of innovative ways in which your hotel’s app could be executed.

For example, a customer could point their smartphone in any direction within the hotel and get information on things such as housekeeping, maintenance, directions to facilities such as the pool, spa, gymnasium, and so on. The app can also be infused with a buzzer with which the customer can contact the hotel staff if and when needed.

Augmented reality is the future of hospitality institutions. If you want to stay in the competition and make your way to the top, you must consider investing in it.


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