Why Is Cloud Migration Beneficial? 

Moving your working environment to the cloud is nothing new. Many businesses have been using this technology, and the number of users is constantly growing. Cloud migration has revolutionized how we work, and it offers many benefits that will help your investment grow. 

This blog elaborates on the benefits of cloud migration. You will understand why it is a positive decision for your business and how you can make the switch. 

What is Cloud Migration? 

Migration to the cloud is a process of transferring data, software applications, and other IT resources from traditional in-house systems to an off-premises cloud environment. This process enables you to access and use your resources from any device, anywhere in the world.

You need expert knowledge in migrating your business to the cloud, and you should also consider your IT infrastructure before making a decision. Hiring professional cloud migration services can also help you reduce costs.

How Does Amaze® Help? 

Amaze® from Hexaware Technologies makes it easier to identify your needs and deploy the cloud migration process. It can analyze any legacy on-premise application by acknowledging its architecture and key points that require to be updated to make it cloud-ready. Moreover, it creates assessment reports quickly which are detailed documentation indicating red flags. 

Amaze™ can assist in converting on-premise applications to AWS cloud-ready state by transforming its design, architecture, and the underlying codes. They take the responsibility to handle all migrating your existing applications to the AWS cloud. 

The Benefits of Cloud Migration 

Why would you need to move to the cloud? Is it mandatory to migrate your business infrastructure? These are the questions you must be asking yourself. Read on to learn why you need to consider cloud migration. 

  1. Cheaper Operational Costs

When running everything on your in-house infrastructure, you consume more physical resources. You have to pay for electricity, cooling systems, hardware maintenance, and upgrades, not to mention the high cost of IT employees in your office to keep an eye on your server.  

Cloud migration eliminates all these costs. You only need to pay for the resources you use, and there are no upfront costs associated with migration. In addition, you can optimize your usage to save even more money. 

Cloud subscriptions enable you to decide on the resources you need, your staff, and the duration to run your operations. It is easier to scale up and down your cloud computing infrastructure than in an on-premise data center. You can increase your employees, applications, and storage without purchasing new hardware. 

This elasticity is a huge advantage for businesses that experience seasonal changes in their workload. Also, you can avoid capacity planning and guesswork when it comes to future needs. 

  1. Data Security

One of the issues affecting companies is the inability to protect business and customer data. The cloud offers many security features to protect your data from unauthorized access and theft. 

Cloud providers have high levels of security, and they are more effective in data security than most companies. They have military-grade encryption standards, and they operate in secure data centers only accessed by trusted employees. 

Additionally, you can encrypt your data before it leaves your premises, which will protect it while in transit to the cloud. You can also set permissions for different users. This feature makes it possible to allow specific access rights to users you trust, and you can also block access to others. If a breach occurs in your company’s, IT infrastructure, it would be easy to identify the source and take quick action. It happens because you can monitor your data in real-time, which will help detect any intrusion. 


  1. Improved Flexibility and Scalability

The cloud is a fundamental solution for businesses looking for improved flexibility and scalability. That means you can create an environment that will help you accommodate changing business needs, and it is more effective for growing companies. 

With cloud deployment, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed. You can also add or remove users without any hassles. In addition, you can quickly deploy new applications and services. 

Cloud migration can help you improve your business agility and make it easier to handle spikes in traffic. You do not have to buy new hardware that you may not need afterward. 


  1. Simplified Management and Maintenance

One of the benefits of cloud migration is that it can help you simplify your management and maintenance tasks. When everything is on-premise, you need to hire a team of experts to manage and maintain your systems.

It can be expensive and time-consuming. With the cloud, you get rid of all the hassles. Your provider will manage and maintain your systems for a small fee. System maintenance will be a responsibility in your provider’s hands. 



Moving to the cloud is a process you should consider to improve your business operations. The cloud offers many benefits, such as decreased costs, improved security, increased flexibility, and easier maintenance. When planning your migration, it is vital to consider factors like your business needs, budget, and the data you have. You should also decide whether you will use a private or public cloud. Give your business expansion room when picking a provider for flexibility and scalability. 


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