Which is better for your marketing campaign on social media: Instagram or Tiktok?

Social media is a crucial element of any business, it helps business to increase followers and then convert them into customers in the future. We need to mention Instagram and Tiktok. The post will analyze marketing strategy between Instagram and Tiktok; we will compare every aspects between these two social media and how each affects marketing of the brands.

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Instagram and Tiktok Marketing

Instagram offer business a lot of options of ads formats from video, igtg, stories, shopping ads, event, live marketing. These ads can target potential customer, based on analysis of user behavior and how they interact on the platforms, and then deliver them with quality content to satisfy their expectation. Instagram help marketing staffs use special features for their marketing campaigns. For example, lately Instagram reels enables business to create 16 second videos with a special caption with brand hashtag. 

Tiktok also has their own algorithm to help business increase their performance in marketing campaigns. Tiktok allows business to develop in feed ads (ads that appear while users scrolling on the feed page, or known as for you page), brand takeovers (display on the startup screen of Tiktok app or randomly after that), hashtag challenge (brands create their own hashtag and contact with micro and nano influencers to help spreading the video, encourage other users to create their own video and upload to tiktok), branded lenses (similar to facebook branded avatar, this allow brands to create their own filter with branded graphic). Brands can also developer quality videos from the available materials offered on this platform, and attract viewers and ask them to follow the brand. Brands can take advantage of social media marketing to connect with their prospects in a creative way. Tiktok also supports brands to make their marketing campaigns with Call to action button attached in the Tiktok story videos to convert users to landing page or shopping page to increase traffic and sales.

Marketing through advertisement

Both platforms has its own methods to advertise like FB and Youtube, marketers can target many kinds of customers. With interesting content, brands can invest their resources to distribute potential users to attract for followers.

Marketers should take notice to story function, this is a great tool to engage with users, help them visit more to your corporate website or shopping page, then more revenue will come. Instagram ads work in another way when business can connect their ads with a specific and eye catching website, of a famous brands. When users see the website, they may see your products, and when users click on the ads it will auto forward to the famous brand website and display the related products for them to buy.

Event marketing on Instagram and tiktok

Both platforms supports business in event marketing with brand related games, give away programs with no fee, competitions and hashtag challenge. Hashtag challenge is a trending functions on both instagram and tiktok when business can earn a huge amount of followers. The first purpose of hashtag challenge is to create creative content by users to target some specific audience. Through that, brands can be more famous with the branded hashtag.

When business create a hashtag challenge, followers want to join these challenge with their creative and interesting content. After that, friends of participants also feel excited when they see the hashtag challenge shared by their friends, they react, engage and join the challenge.

This is a good way to increase engagement rate with users. Many big brands  and SMEs use this methods to increase their brand awareness and followers.

Influencers marketing

Instagram and Tiktok offer business an influencer marketing platform to find out potential customers for brands and create suitable campaigns for them. Influencers for brands are the brand developers by showing people the brand value to their followers and gradually make them love the brands more. Influencers can join a lot of marketing camps like pr for brands, event marketing like competition and challenge to broaden the audience, then increase user engagement.

This is a effiency economically and lower risk for business when finding potential customers, by implementing marketing camps. Depends on the campaigns, they can use the suitable influencers types for their marketing strategy, the influencer with higher follower, the more expensive they offer to promote your brand on their channel.

Live marketing 

These platforms allow advertisers to use live marketing to connect with their prospects. Live marketing need high concentration on performance to impress follower and increase engagement. By this, brands can have better insight and expectation of customers. Brands can insert the brand related videos like product launching, their customers review, to increase brand loyalty.


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