Which factors prevent you from getting a muscular body?

You have been spending most of the time and energy within the gym making an attempt to build arms like Michelle Obama. On top of it, you are also getting anabolic stacks for sale from UGFreak to pump up those muscles. Then, there’s diet control and lifestyle changes.

However, it does not seem from your physical appearance that you are trying harder to pull on muscles. But what happens eventually that your body does not look so despite making lots of efforts?

Several things may be responsible for not making up muscular arms as you want. In this article, we are trying to discuss some of the possible reasons that might be responsible for neither paying off your efforts nor building up the muscles.

  1. You are doing largely cardio.

Though cardio is essential for keeping your body fat down and keeping your heart health under control, however, once you involve in building muscle, hitting the treadmill will not assist you a lot. Cardio tends to burn calories and puts your body in an exceeding deficit condition, which is excellent for leaning out, however, not for building mass.

2. You don’t put on enough weight.

Those 5-pound dumbbells were an excellent start-up to start as a beginner; however, if you have been lifting weights for a minute, it is time to raise the burden. But, if you are not lifting enough weight, it doesn’t matter if you’re primarily using free weights or machines. So, to build up muscles, you have to break down muscle tissues which are only possible through weight lifting.

3. You are not sleeping enough.

The micro-tissues that are a crucial issue for muscle-building would like rest to build themselves and grow stronger once you are asleep! You are compelled to rest and feed your muscles between workouts; otherwise, you can tear them down, and in this way, they can become weaker. 

4. You are inconsistent with your routine.

If you are serious about putting on some muscle, the foremost thing is to stay consistent with your routine. You have to be consistent in an elbow workout, shoulder workout, cardio, etc. If you want to modify some of your exercises, you can do this by alternating your existing exercises with squats.

5. You must have developed muscle imbalances.

A muscle imbalance—when one muscle is stronger than its antagonistic muscle—can limit your ability to exercise effectively and cause injury down the road. It is vital to acknowledge whether or not you’re extremely working on the muscles. One common imbalance in ladies is stronger quads and weaker, tighter hamstrings because of prolonged sitting, high heels, and improper coaching. If you think you have a muscle imbalance, create an arrangement with a practitioner who will help you out.

6. Poor planning and a lack of accountability

The last and most important factor preventing you from getting results is a lack of planning. You must plan your meals and workouts ahead of time if you want to succeed. Building a house without a blueprint and the proper materials is extremely difficult. The same may be said for your physique. Plan your meals and workouts for one to two weeks to ensure you’re getting enough nutrition, getting enough exercise to boost development, and getting enough rest. It’s critical to keep track of your exercises and diet.

7. You’re not completing steroids cycle

Many people use steroids to enhance the muscle strength. However, they do it without any direction. Always remember that you need to complete the steroid cycle to be able to obtain its best results. Be it cut long 300 or Dbol, make sure to understand its cycle and then use it. Also, make a point that you’r’e getting your steroids from reliable sources, such as UGFreak.


From the above context, the readers will come across multiple reasons that possibly prevent you from gaining muscular mass despite putting up efforts for bodybuilding. The factors mentioned above are significant and can stop you from achieving the goal of having a muscular body. By considering all the outlines mentioned above, you can devise some possible ways to overcome such situations and get a strong muscular body. 

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