What You Need For Your Perfect Collage Dorm Party

Is this a gummy worm? Nope, it’s a highlighter. Gummy worms can’t highlight your notes in class, make you feel cozy in your dorm room, or help you study for that big exam coming up. And while some may see this as an irrational purchase, UV lights are absolutely essential for the collage student.

So whether you like to read in bed, hang-out with friends, or have a video gaming marathon session, you’ll be able to illuminate the words on your pages with ease. In addition, UV lights will help you find less common words in textbooks and highlights your professor makes on the board.

There are a number of ways you can use these lights

Read under the covers: Now that I’m living away from home, my mom isn’t there to tuck me in at night. So get yourself a nice white light (one that’s bright enough to read by but not so much it will keep you up) and your covers won’t be able to hide those pages from you.

Each UV light has a different level of illumination so shop around for one that’s just right for your room. For example, some have a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness and others have three light settings that can be adjusted by pushing a small pin on the unit itself.

Paint in your room for a perfect collage dorm party with bright, white light: For those reading this in college, you’ll know that it’s a great feeling to color all of your walls with vivid colors. However, carpeting is just the worst and almost always leaves the entire room with a green hue. So try painting your room with a bright white light (you can find one that has seven different colors) and no matter what you paint on the walls, it will make them look more vibrant instead of faded and ugly.

Hang it from above your bed: If you like to read in bed, have a friend who’s into astronomy, or just want to make your room look a little more glamorous, a UV light over your bed is the way to go. Hang it above your head so that the light will hit where you are sitting and if your ceiling is pale enough, every word on every page of whatever you’re reading will be illuminated.

Also, try to make sure that the bulb is placed at least nine feet from you; anything closer than that and you’ll start getting a serious sunburn.

Read your phone in any light

You’ve probably experienced this one before. You’re sitting on a park bench trying to study when someone walks by with their dog and the doggy takes your attention away from the notes once more. Now you’re trying to read your phone in the dark and it’s still not working. Don’t worry, UV lights can help with that too.

If you want to keep reading on the train but it’s dark out. A UV light will help illuminate your device so you can see all of those words. An even better option is to buy yourself a book light that attaches to your phone so you don’t have to hold it in the air while trying to read.

Take it on your trip: If you plan on traveling during the school year. Get yourself a UV light and bring it with you. You can use it in hotels, at airports, and even when you’re out with friends so that you’re illuminated all night long.

The really good ones also come with a very handy feature that allows you to maintain perfect brightness while dimming the light as needed. This is perfect if you don’t want to waste batteries or want to save your light for another occasion.

Use it for indoor camping: A UV light will make whatever it’s illuminating look even more beautiful and has a pretty impressive range as well. This means that it can work in just about any area of your house from the living room to the bedroom. Even your den if you really want to.

And so, regardless of where you live, it’s a pretty handy tool to have around. You never know when you might want to read your favorite book in the bathtub or check out the paint job on your bedroom walls.

You can also use your UV light for this awesome experiment

Using a UV light in combination with some food coloring and water, you can make some pretty cool results. Try mixing some of the colorings into a clear container and then submerging it in the water. Next, turn your UV light on and watch as all of the pigment begins to rise to the top.


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