What to expect at a college party

It is likely that college students will attend parties, and they can be a great way to meet new people, let loose, and have a good time. You will find that although every college party is different, they generally fall into the same categories.

It goes without saying that, when you are out having fun and partying, staying safe and being responsible are a must.

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After that’s been said, here’s a list of 6 types of college parties you’ll see:

1. Living in the dorms

You probably thought you would never be partying in a closet-sized room before you went to college. Is there anywhere else where you can be silly? A typical collage dorm party starts off as a low-pressure event.

A dorm room’s size limits the number of partygoers who can attend these parties. Don’t let yourself get carried away. People are likely to remember you at a smaller party.

It is intimate, accepting, and exhilarating to party in a dorm room. You can only do that if you are confident that you will not be caught! Make sure everyone keeps it down; otherwise, you might get a knock on your door to end the party.

2. Theme parties

Theme parties are one of the most popular types of parties you will attend. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a fun theme party? You’ll have to be creative for these events, which range from togo to beach attire. The next morning, you can rationalize getting a little silly.

This article by Campus Grotto lists 100+ college party themes.

3. A Banger

The type of parties that will be the best are hard to predict. The reason for that is they are often the result of a combination of people, music, and venue, which makes them difficult to predict and different every time. They can be super fun, however, when they do turn into a banger. Whenever you find one of these parties, don’t miss it!Whenever you find one of these parties, don’t miss it!

4. The Tailgate

There are also tailgate parties on the list of college parties. When two big rival college football teams play each other in a movie, this is the type of party you see. Cars are parked in a large open area (usually a parking lot outside a stadium) and people are dressed in varsity colors while partying. This kind of party features plenty of food, alcohol, games, and cheering. It’s also one of the rare events where day drinking is acceptable.

5. Basement Bash

It isn’t something most college students expect, but it happens! Underground basement parties are fun, if strange. It’s not unusual to hear an unknown band perform at this type of party. The basements are usually poorly lit, the floors are sticky, and it’s usually loud since it’s in a basement. We hope you enjoy it though!

6. Parties with fraternity brothers

One of the most iconic and stereotypical college parties is the frat party. These parties are usually hosted by fraternities and filled with alcohol, kegs (small barrels that typically contain drinks), students, and general silliness.

Each college has different fraternities, which can be academic or nonacademic. A good example of an academic fraternity would be an engineering fraternity or a business fraternity. Non Academic fraternities may be classified as social, service, or professional. Prior to attending any of their events, make sure you research which fraternity is the most suitable for you, since many fraternities require that you be a member.

Due to their tendency to be more social, frat parties are an effective way to make new friends. The key is knowing when to stop! Check out these 10 things you can expect at a frat party by Elite Daily if you’re curious about what happens during a frat party.

Be safe!

The most important ingredient of your college experience is partying (in moderation)! You need to make sure to stay safe when attending these parties.

If you need to make an emergency call, make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave. Stick with known and trusted people. This will help you stay safe. Check out these 12 College Party Safety Tips from Best Colleges to make sure you stay safe while having fun.


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