What Kind of Paint and Canvas is Useful for Spin Art?

Spin art is a kind of art used to explore your creativity. People often think that spin art is meant for kids as they just have spilled some colors on a rotating platform where the canvas board is placed. However, the fact is spin art is for everyone. this style of art shows the kind of person you are. The choice of colors you make depicts your personality.

Even an adult can show his/her creativity with the help of spin art. It is the best way of spending weekends with family. Most cities have venues where spin art is enjoyed by families. They can spend hours there with their kids by paying a minimal amount of fee. If it is something new for you, then you can look for the best spin art venues near your location and practice there to excel in it.

Spin Art Nation is a spin art San Antonio, Texas venue, where you can enjoy spin art with your spouse, family as well as friends. Kids can come along with their parents to work on spin arts. These spin arts are then donated to local charities to spread love and fun in the community. It is a great initiative taken by the Spin Art Nation and you can join them in their journey.

Spin art is not easy. One must know the right kind of canvas, paints, and roller to use to create a spectacular painting. The most important thing is to use the right kind of canvas, which holds the paint, and above all the right kind of paint. It should remain on the canvas and then spread nicely with centrifugal force instead of spilling out of the canvas board.

Here are some useful tips that may help you to make a better choice in terms of tools and paints –


The optimum canvas sizes are 15″ x 15″ canvas board, 16″ x 20″ Canvas, 12″ X 24″ or 20″ X 20″ Canvas, Double Canvas of 12″ X 24″, and set of four coasters of 4″ X 4″. Preferred weight of the canvas is 32 lb. Presentation canvas must be strong and should withstand big volume of paint. It should not curl when wet, and must dry in 5 minutes! If the drying time is longer, the artists are more likely to forget taking it home from the venue.


The best paint to use is acrylic-based paint. We recommend adding some extra water, say 50/50, to thin it out. The water aids in the movement of the paint across the spinning canvas and increases the amount of paint available. This will assist if you or your child pours a little too much paint! We also recommend having some small squirt bottles in your stock, which will limit the amount of paint your artists can use. You can also experiment with different paint-to-water ratios to create interesting effects.

Important Tips                                                    

You’ll need a place to dry the art once it’s finished. A specialized table is good for drying art pieces because it might get blown around if it’s kept outside. We recommend string and clothespins for outdoor drying. The drying time for the art depends on the amount of paint used, the kind of canvas used, and how much air is blowing on it.


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