What is the lifespan of an electric scooter?

People are discovering that electric scooters may save them time and money by avoiding traffic bottlenecks and requiring less maintenance than autos. As a result, they offer excellent private transportation for everyday commuting and city excursions.

So, how long does it take an electric scooter to charge? What things will have an impact on this? How can you make an electric scooter last longer?

How to Extend Your Electric Scooter’s Lifetime? 

  • Maintain the battery
  • Check the state of the nuts and bolts regularly
  • Store your scooter in the right way
  • Lubricate wheels, handlebars regularly
  • Check and change worn-out accessories


Many factors influence the service life of a product. The lifespan of an electric scooters varies depending on their pricing. In general, an electric scooter may be utilized for around three years (Daily usage of one-time charging considering).

The efficiency will not drop much in the first two years. The efficiency will reduce significantly in the third year, and it may reach 80-90 percent when compared to a new one. Later on, the efficiency begins to deteriorate. It entails a shorter cruising range, a slower speed, and more upkeep.




The battery, like other technological devices, is a critical component in determining how long a scooter will last. Lithium-ion batteries power the scooter’s motors, lights, digital display, controls, and other accessories on almost all high-quality electric scooters. Lithium-ion batteries require less maintenance and last longer than conventional lead-acid batteries (SLA) or nickel-metal hybrid batteries (NiMH).


The sole point of contact between the scooter and the ground is the tire. The electric scooter will not be utilized if a flat tire or serious tire pattern wear occurs. You won’t be able to ride it until you switch to a new tire. Because many elements of an electric scooter may be changed, the scooter’s lifespan will be longer than usual if the frame is sturdy enough.


Durability is also determined by the material used. In the market, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are strong enough frame materials. These are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. A good frame made of high-quality materials will last a long period.


I’m not sure whether you have any of the following behaviors. Riding at full power, like rocky mountain routes, abrupt braking, and so on. These practices will hasten the wear and tear on your accessories and tires. Riding behaviors will reduce the scooter’s range, diminish its life, and raise the risk of falling.



Electric scooters require extremely minimal maintenance, however, this does not negate the need for maintenance. In truth, all you need to do is do some basic daily maintenance on your scooter, clean it regularly, and observe the precautions in everyday usage to maintain it in excellent working order.


All you have to do is employ the following maintenance abilities regularly to considerably extend the scooter’s life and make every cent worth it.

Every dollar spent on an electric scooter is indeed an investment, and we all want to see a larger return on our money. If you’re an Eagle One rider, you’ve already received a 2-year Varla Eagle One warranty service. If you require any assistance, please contact our after-sales service.


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