What fans want from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo direct

While “New Horizons” added a slew of new features to the franchise like terraforming, crafting and the ability to place furniture items outside, for many Animal Crossing fans, it still felt unfinished to a degree. Where were fan-favorite characters of the franchise like Brewster, a cafe-owning pigeon, or the fashionista giraffe, Gracie? Gyroids, furniture items based on Japanese haniwa figurines that have been in every previous Animal Crossing game, are inexplicably absent from “New Horizons” (with the exception of the only NPC gyroid, Lloid), as are several other furniture series. Villagers seem to have fewer dialogue options than in previous games, and what they do say is bland enough to bore you to tears. Widely requested quality-of-life updates spanning back to the game’s early days, such as the ability to craft items in bulk or access your home’s storage remotely, have also failed to materialize.

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