What are new Gmail Upgrades and changes?

It’s been a long time since Gmail was introduced to the world. The project was started by Paul Buchheit. He is quite a renowned personality for being a google developer who inspected the idea of web-based emails even before Hotmail was launched. And this is about 1990. Time flew and in 2001 he started working on a Gmail project. He was asked to develop an email that can personalize your product and to everyone’s surprise, he reused codes from the google group and created the first version in a day. The project name was Caribou.

Things are easy when you have additional knowledge about certain things. Take updates, for instance, many people don’t know how to handle a simple update no matter which application is it. But since Google is launching a new update for Gmail, things will be different and smooth this time.

Update and changes

Following update includes quick setting menu, you can entirely change the look of your inbox just like those services you hire to provide you essay help UK. You know how they change the vibe of your writing. If you are wondering how you can update your Gmail to new settings, then it’s easy. You don’t have to do anything because Gmail updates itself through an automatic activation.

Protect your content info

The first thing change that has been added to the Gmail update is the privacy of your content. When you turn on the confidential mode, it will protect your sensitive information. You just need to click on the icon of lock and clock in the bottom row of composing a message. Doing this will simply prohibit the receiver to share or forward your email. It won’t even allow the receiver to copy/paste your text. This feature is pretty amazing because many of us have to email debit or credit card or account information to someone, therefore; we can’t afford any scam. You can set the date to automatically expire your email from the chat and your recipient’s inbox. How incredible is that?

Receipt avatar

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? We all have been there and it is the scariest thing. Maybe headquarter knew it for so long and that’s why they thought to upgrade things in this matter too. A receipt avatar is something that will prevent you from sending an email to the wrong recipient. This avatar will help you to differentiate between cc and bcc fields so that you know who is going to receive your email.

Duplicate recipient 

This feature will help you to check if you have added any recipients twice. It will simply detect the duplicate contact and remove it from the list just so you don’t get embarrassed about sending a person 3 same emails in a row. Yes, even Gmail has become smart enough to detect double faces, but you aren’t!

Email formatting validation

Here’s the best thing about this update. Even if you write the wrong email address, Gmail will detect it and let you know. Only when you use the correct format, Gmail will validate it and your recipient won’t become a chip. It will stop you from sending emails to broken email addresses.


Just like alarms, you can now snooze your emails too!! It is sort of an inline option and you can see it in your inbox any time you are about to send an email. You can snooze the recipient according to your time or time and date suggested by Gmail.

Email organization

This hover-based email organization will help you to organize your emails the way you want. For instance, you can highlight emails you have read, separate the ones you did not open yet. There are options like read unread, archives, delete and snooze. You can choose any option that depends on the situation to organize your inbox.

Suggested replies

We are here for suggested replies because we are so tired of composing emails. Sometimes you just want to reply to nothing but we know, it’s not possible! Therefore; Gmail introduces you to suggested and instant replies. You can use these answers to reply to any email but read before you press send!

Display densities 

It includes three options. Default, comfortable, and compact! You can set your inbox density according to your preference. Just go to setting and the first thing you see would be ‘display density’.

Contacts in body text 

It wasn’t there before but now you can add contacts in body text without leaving the main page. How to do that? Well, just press + and type your contact address or name it will fall into the suggestion list and you can add it from there. Easy peasy!


If you want to get your life together, we’d suggest, start using this feature. However, Gmail had it before but since we don’t pay much attention to details, we did not notice. Now that we know about it, it should be used. You can create a task in Gmail according to your external or incoming emails. It will keep everything in one place and there is no harm in doing this, right? Once the task is done, you can check it off the list. Just like when you ask someone ‘write my essay’ and if they agree, you cross it off from your to-do list.


Do you know what’s common in successful people? They have everything calculated. They use a schedule for each day so that nothing important remains undone. So if you want to do that too, check this out. You can enable this and it will automatically notify you whenever you’ll have a meeting or an event to attend. Even if you forget something, this will keep the tab on your meetings and schedule them accordingly.

Summing up

Gmail has evolved and it’s still progressing day by day. At the time when Gmail was launched, people started migrating from different mailing services like yahoo, and Hotmail to Gmail. This was a great thing for Gmail and for everyone who put lots of effort to make this happen. Today it is one of the most trusted platforms in the world and people use it to send and receive files and to connect. We hope this article written by the editors of AssignmentMaster.co.uk will help you to understand what changes have been made in Gmail.



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