What are International Employee Benefits?

When your business starts to branch out and gains more international recognition, one of the first things you should do is ensure that you have the right coverage for your employees. Just because they are now working abroad doesn’t mean they don’t need protection.

International employee benefits are great for staff retention, people who are happy where they work aren’t likely to go find a job somewhere else. But there’s more to it than snazzy perks, some of the benefits are there for their safety and protection, and they are needed.

What is International Employee Benefits? 

There are loads of international employee benefits out there, but some stand out more than others. The key benefits that you will find offered tend to be:

  • International private medical insurance
  • International group life insurance
  • Pre-assignment screening
  • International employee assistance programs
  • International group income protection

What are the Advantages of International Employee Benefits? 

So, why pick international employee insurance instead of going with domestic options in each of the countries in question?

Well, for starters international insurance is portable between countries so there is no need to keep swapping them around and it makes life a lot easier for the underwriters – less stress and hassle for you as well as your staff.

The benefits remain consistent for staff across all levels and countries, there aren’t different benefits for different people depending on where in the world they are. This keeps morale high across the world and ensures productivity remains at a consistent level.

It keeps everything central as well, which means you have a better idea of what’s going on and can keep track of things easily. Less admin work for you is always a good thing, and it means you have peace of mind.

Is Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance Really Needed? 

This might seem dramatic and extreme, but in some countries, you really do need kidnapping and ransom insurance. With higher risks of something happening, your staff need to know that they are covered and protected in case they do become the victim of a kidnapping.

These are the top areas in the world for kidnappings and ransoms:

  • 38% in the Americas
  • 27% in the Asia Pacific
  • 24% in Sub Saharan Africa
  • 9% in the Middle East and North Africa
  • 2% in Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States

Specific high-risk countries include Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, Pakistan, Columbia, India, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Brazil, Haiti, South Africa.

If your staff is working in any of these countries, especially those with the higher percentages, it is wise to ensure that your staff is covered so that the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible and they can be returned to safety.

But what is covered when you choose kidnapping and ransom insurance? You will find that most policies include (but are not limited to):

  • Ransom payments
  • Medical care
  • Interest on bank loans
  • Loss of income
  • Cost of support services
  • PR
  • Business interruption costs
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Time off work
  • Travel expenses
  • Reward money
  • Funeral expenses
  • Security

Which businesses should be considering kidnap and ransom insurance?

To Conclude 

Working abroad is fantastic, and you and your staff are sure to feel beyond proud that your company is growing at such a fantastic rate. However, their lives, security, and health are important when they move to new ventures. That’s why it’s up to you to provide coverage that gives them the peace of mind they need to work efficiently.


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