What are cream chargers made of?

Cream Chargers are small metal canisters usually made from a small aluminium casing. They are filled with Nitrous Oxide which is a key agent in producing whipped cream. N2O provides cream with that fluffy effect and aerated feel.

Why use a metal casing?

As Nitrous Oxide is a gas the sealed metal casing ensures that the gas is stable to transport and no leakage occurs. Allowing restaurants and individuals to utilise the charger when required and also allows for long storage times.

This leads us to how cream chargers are used.

One of the utensils required to extract the nitrous oxide and combine it with your whipped cream. Is called a nanginator, This refers to a standard sized 500mL dispenser with a nozzle and trigger that allows you to create masterpieces and decorations with the whipped cream.

Now that we know what cream chargers are and how to use them.

Where can you buy cream chargers?

Cream chargers are usually found at catering shops, or restaurant equipment suppliers. They come in 10, 24 and 50 packs. In Australia they are not sold at local supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

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How much whipped cream can one cream charger make?

A small 8g canister is able to produce half a litre of whipped cream so they are very efficient and have widely been adopted by restaurants and cafes. The ease of use and the quality of whipped cream produced are what drives consumers and business to use these whippets to create fluffy and flavourful cream for their customers.

If individuals were to manually create whipped cream it would take 20-30 mins of manually whipping the cream and must be used immediately when created. Whereas whipped cream created via the charger can be stored in the airtight whip cream dispenser and refrigerated ready to be used anytime. This convenience is a huge advantage for restaurants ensuring any unused whipped cream is not wasted and can be used when required.

How long are cream chargers good for?

Cream Chargers can be kept for months on end in an airtight container, allowing restaurants to stock up and use when needed. Due to the sealed metal casing the whipped cream is able to stay fresh and retains its consistency if refrigerated. The only disadvantage customers may find is that after a while the chargers can leak slightly causing some N2O residue in their whipped cream, but this has minimal impact on the tastiness of it as only small amounts get into our food.

Keep in mind that the longer you store them the more N2O residue will be created.

How much does a cream charger cost?

Cream chargers are not very expensive. Whilst there is a huge variety of chargers available from various suppliers, they are all fairly minimal and affordable at around $2-3 per canister or $1 for one 24 pack. There are also bulk discounts available to buy them in larger quantities which can save you money on reducing your costs over time.

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Can I make whipped cream with less N2O?

No, it is impossible to omit the Nitrous Oxide from the whipped cream dispenser. All chargers contain a certain amount of N2O for health and safety reasons. This amount is usually around 20g but will vary depending on the brand and where they are bought.

How does a cream charger work?

A cream charger is a small canister made from aluminium and filled with Nitrous Oxide. When the canister is pressurised it funnels into the trigger dispenser opening to release the N2O into the whipped cream.

It is also recommended that when you have finished using your whipped cream, to spray your dispenser for easy cleaning.

This removal of N2O is what allows it to be stored for long periods of time with little to no deterioration.

What do you need to know about Nitrous Oxide?

N2O is a non-toxic, virtually odorless gas used in combination with nitrous oxide, nitrous salts and/or other gases as anesthetic, analgesic or sedative.

It can also be used in place of air in whipped cream chargers to add foam, aeration and stability.

N2O does not leave any aftertaste, but if you ingest too much of the gas it can cause a range of symptoms. These include tingling and numbness of your face and hands, increased sensitivity to touch or touch, sound or light and in some cases can be mistaken for an overdose.

If you do start to feel these symptoms then seek medical attention as soon as possible. These symptoms will normally diminish once you have ceased using the charger.


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