Welcome to Los Santos!

It’s hard for me to write about a game whose reviews you can read on most websites. The truth is that almost all of the elements of Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas have remained unchanged from the original. Yes, the control system was radically remodeled, but this action was necessary to transfer the game to mobile devices – after all, we use a touch panel, not a keyboard with a mouse or a controller. But let’s start from the beginning and see if GTA: SA is a good game for tablets with Windows. Because we know that Rockstar issued an outstanding title since 2005 gta san andreas gratuit .

In GTA: San Andreas we will play the role of a dark-skinned man named Carl Johnson. We meet the protégé for the first time at the airport in the city of Los Santos, to which he returned after five years of absence. The situation on the spot turned out to be much more unfavorable than he could have imagined – the gang of his relatives is the weakest force in the city, his mother was murdered. Carl, nicknamed CJ by his friends, begins a long and perilous journey to eliminate competition and make his presence felt across the state of San Andreas.

I have to admit that the storyline is much better than in the previous parts of GTA, but I certainly will not consider it a real work. Nevertheless, it should be added that the campaign is enough for several dozen hours of fantastic fun, which is a stunning result for mobile standards. Yes, it is also so that we reflect on the sense of performing certain activities, although we do them with a smile on our face, because most of them surprise with diversity.

As you probably well know, we are dealing with a TPP production – this means that we observe the action from a camera located behind the back of the main character. Of course, nothing prevents you from turning it freely and looking at the phenomenal, huge presented world. The tablet version with Windows 8 / 8.1 implemented in the Modern version allows you to do it in basically three ways. Well, the user can choose between a touch panel, an attached docking station (if we have one) and a classic mouse. I will not be revealing if I tell you that the keyboard + mouse are by far the best.

The said product is an exact copy of the original. The creators have put at our disposal dozens of weapons, many cars, planes, helicopters and other types of means of transport. Only a fool would have fun traveling around San Andreas with a kind of bicycle, for the area to be explored is enormous. Three cities (Los Santos, Las Venturra, San Fierro), farmland, forests, mountains, smaller villages, lakes and rivers. New tasks to complete and special items to find are waiting for us almost everywhere. It seems impossible to complete the game in 100%, although we know very well that some of them have succeeded. I folded.

First of all, you need to know that the 4-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz with the possibility of acceleration to 1.8 and 2 GB of RAM memory clearly “sweat” when trying to generate the most detailed graphic effects. It is surprising, but after setting the highest level of graphic advancement, GTA: San Andreas was unplayable. Only selecting the lowest details resulted in an increase in the number of frames per second, although at times there were also significant drops in liquidity.

In addition, I noticed many annoying bugs and shortcomings that sometimes prevented any gameplay. During the test period, the game unexpectedly shut down at least a dozen times, greeting me with the startup screen. There were also inexplicable situations where all the elements on the display turned green – the only salvation was to restart GTA. Drama.



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