Valentine’s Day Facts You Have Never Heard Of!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, and lovers and friends exchange letters, chocolates, jewelry, and other presents. While Valentine’s Day is recognized for its beautiful Hallmark cards and romantic dinner ideas for two, the holiday’s past is rather gloomy. Order valentine gifts online for your special person and surprise them. 

Who was the real St. Valentine?

It’s unclear: there was more than one St. Valentine, for starters. According to some historians, a third-century Roman priest secretly married couples in defiance of Claudius II Gothicus, the Roman emperor. Others allude to a different priest imprisoned to save Christians imprisoned in Roman jails.

Cupid wasn’t always such a nice and innocent child.

According to research, the true Cupid was an “unconquerable” legendary God named Eros. He was first portrayed as a young man who was also rather dangerous, although attractive and capable of making people fall in love. 

The Advent of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to an old Pagan feast.

Though some historians think Valentine’s Day commemorates St. Valentine’s death on February 14, others believe the event has its roots in a Pagan fertility festival known as “Lupercalia,” held on February 15 in ancient Rome. 

It was dedicated to Fanus, the Roman God of agriculture, and the Roman founders Romulus and Remus; the Day was commemorated by animal sacrifices and the slapping of women with animal skins, a fertility-promoting tradition.

Cupid’s origins may be traced back to Greek mythology.

Cupid is the lovely cherub commonly pictured with a bow and arrow on Valentine’s Day cards, but how come he became such a popular emblem of the holiday? 

According to Time, the figure dates back to 700 B.C., when it was attributed to Eros, the Greek God of love, a gorgeous, immortal man with the scary capacity to make people fall in love. 

The Romans did not adapt Eros into the image of a lovely young boy with a bow and arrow until the 4th century BCE and dubbed him “Cupid.” 

Cupid’s love-matching abilities had made him synonymous with Valentine’s Day by the turn of the nineteenth century. Send valentine gifts for girlfriend online and create lovely memories. 

The custom of presenting flowers on Valentine’s Day dates back to the 17th century.

Giving red roses may seem like a natural romantic gesture now, but it wasn’t until the late 17th century that it became a common practice. 

Gifting flowers became fashionable during the Victorian era, especially on Valentine’s Day, with red roses expressing profound love. In reality, the custom can be traced back to a voyage to Persia by King Charles II of Sweden. He learned the “language of flowers” — which couples different flowers with specific meanings — and later transferred it to Europe.Valentine’s

In 1861, the first heart-shaped box of chocolates was released.

Richard Cadbury, the son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury, came up with the idea of putting chocolates in elegant boxes to boost sales. In 1861, he created the first heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, and now, more than 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold each year. 

That’s a whopping 58 million pounds of chocolate! 

Lovebirds are real birds.

While the term “lovebirds” has become a widespread phrase, the Agapornis bird is also known by that name. This parrot species is endemic to Africa and may be found across the continent’s eastern and southern areas. 

Because the creatures usually migrate in pairs, many couples are dubbed “lovebirds.”

It’s observed in various ways all across the world.

The festival is known in several Latin American nations as the Day of lovers, love and friendship, and love and friendship. On this Day, couples give flowers and chocolate, but the emphasis is also on giving thanks to friends! It is usual in Japan for only women to offer confections to the males in their life, with the quality of the chocolate revealing their actual sentiments. 

On March 14, the men reciprocate the favor by celebrating “White Day,” becoming increasingly popular. 

It was declared a festival connected with love in the 1300s.

February 14 was formally named “St. Valentine’s Day” by Roman Pope Gelasius around the end of the fifth century. However, it was not there until the Middle Ages that the festival was connected with love and passion, a custom that began with the prevalent belief in France and England that birds began the mating season on February 14.


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