Uttar Pradesh records highest ever procurement of wheat at MSP; Rs 11,141.28 crore paid

Uttar Pradesh has recorded the highest ever procurement of wheat from 12.98 lakh farmers at Minimum Support Price (MSP), said the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution on Monday.

A total of Rs 11,141.28 crores has been paid to the farmers as MSP, their ministry said in a statement.

“During the current Rabi marketing season (RMS 2021-22), a record quantity of 56.41 LMT wheat was procured, which is an increase of 58 per cent from RMS 2020-21 during which 35.77 LMT wheat was procured from 6.64 lakh farmers. This is the highest ever procurement of Wheat in the history of the state,” the ministry said.

Procurement in Uttar Pradesh had shown a record Paddy also during Kharif Marketing Season 2020-21 itself. A record procurement of 66.84 LMT paddy was done from 10.22 lakh farmers of Uttar Pradesh during KMS 2020-21. This is the highest ever procurement of Paddy in the history of the State. A total of Rs 12491.88 crore has been paid to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh as MSP.

According to the ministry, current marketing season has concluded in most of wheat procuring states and upto 8th July, 2021 a quantity of 433.32 LMT of Wheat has been procured (which is all time high, as it has exceeded previous high 389.92 LMT of RMS 2020-21) against the last year corresponding purchase of 387.50 LMT.

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