Types of Mobile Apps That You Can Build With React Native



In today’s growing world, mobile applications have become a necessity and an integral part of the business and industries. Any type of business, be it small or big, they have now transformed and are making themselves more available to their customers or end-users through their mobile apps of their respective business. And it has also become a necessary step to counter the market competition. The smartphones have also now become handy and are accessible to the majority of the population. Thus, the companies and business owners hire dedicated developers who can build apps for them matching to their requirement.

The companies are determined to Hire Front-End Developers  in order to design a user-friendly interface of the mobile app which holds viewers on their apps for a longer time which ultimately increases the chances of conversion.

Also, to note that the whole mobile ecosystem is divided into two types of users- a) Android b) iPhone. Thus, the developers as well as business owners look for such a base which works on both the platform at and ease. And here, React Native comes as the ultimate solution which is flexible in cross-platform working and so most of the companies tend to hire React Native developers who can work on the technical aspects of developing the apps for their business.

When companies Hire React Native Developers, then they are relaxed in terms that their app will be able to reach both Android as well as iPhone audience which will increase their customer base. Before we dive in the type of apps that can be built upon React Native, let us first have a look on what is React Native and how is it benefitting for the industries,


React Native is one of the renowned open-source frameworks for developing cross-platform applications. Any companies who are looking for a very strong bonding with their clientele, they follow the React Native Framework to develop the mobile applications in order to give the best results to their clients. This framework allows to even share the coding across the platforms and the transfer is very smooth which ultimately makes the update quite easier. This is the reason why react native developers for hire are available and they are eager to take up the projects and give their best.

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Some of the major benefits which one can get by building the mobile apps on React Native are given below:

  • Works on multi-platform

The apps developed by React Native works best on both, Android and iPhone and provide the same user experience to every user.

  • Reusing the code

This platform facilitates the mobile applications faster and also allows re-use of the same code and components, thus a lot of time is saved for building the codes from scratch. Also, it uses Java, which is one the most commonly used programming languages.

  • Saves time as well as cost

As the same code can be reused for other platforms as well, hence it saves time as well as the cost as there is no need to have a separate team of developers for iPhone and Android users.


There are many of the famous companies who have built their apps on React Native only for example- Facebook, Instagram, Tesla etc. Below we are discussing about what types of industry can take the maximum advantage of building the app on React Native:

  • Lifestyle Mobile Applications

These apps should be light weight and should possess the ability to save and share the favorite images, get notification/alerts on the new insights, watch videos etc. If we take an example, recently a known magazine publisher, Vogue released their lifestyle app named Vogueworld. The above-mentioned features can only work well on an app if it is lightweight and then only can give the users a seamless experience.

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2) Working on Prototypes

It basically refers to the process where one has an idea and they quickly want a minimum viable product and then modify it as per the requirements of the users. If this is the scenario, then React Native is the best framework to work with.

React Native is an integral part of Agile development where a solution is created quickly just in order to be ahead of their competitors, create the customer database and then customize it quickly as per the user’s feedback. It can be seen that React Native helps to quickly build the prototype which is workable on both Android and iOS.

Airbnb did the same and once the app got popular, they modified it accordingly as per the demand and usage of their full mature product and service.

3) Apps which do not require number of native application programming interface

The apps developed on the React Native can perform well on both iOS and Android. Features like camera and GPS depend on native APIs so that it works aptly in your phone. But a major part of React Native apps are hybrid, and they are quite simple and do not use a lot of native APIs. Applications related to rent or food delivery can be easily developed on React Native platform.

4) Apps for eCommerce platform

Due to the on-going pandemic, the e-commerce platform has grown enormously and to provide the users with a smooth shopping experience, the e-commerce business is continuously utilizing the React Native framework.

React Native offers the functionalities like Section List/Flat List which handles the shopping list added to the respective e-commerce websites. Many of the firms have moved on to React Native platform to provide an easily scalable and cost-effective platform for their business.

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5) Apps for Events

Online events like organizing online conferences, scheduling appointments, meetings or conducting webinars, seminars, and meetings, are exploding due to the COVID 19 crisis. And these are easily controlled by the React Native frameworks through their push notification functionality. This functionality keeps the users aware of the upcoming meetings or any update related to the same.

Unacademy sets a true example where it uses RN platform to educate a number of students across the world.

6) Basic cross-platform applications

RN is the best solution for those business owners whose target market is divided in Android and iPhone users and also have a budget constraint. Here, the layout of the mobile app is based on flexbox which works in a similar way across the Android, Web, and iOS.

One of the best examples of the same will be Social Media applications which provide the same user experience to the users across different platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, Instagram etc.


The above points clearly states how useful the React Native platform is in building different mobile applications. Also, as the market of mobile applications is growing in a good shape, and so is the demand for efficient scalability growing. And React Native offers the best solution to these business owners as well as the developers.

React Native can be called as the suitable choice for those who quickly wants to convert their idea into an application and cover both, Android and iOS market.



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