Tucci Hot Rods’ awesome Ford Maverick brings back mini truckin’ at SEMA


1 of 11 Ford

This Ford Maverick was built by Tucci Hot Rods for SEMA.


2 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

It’s got a lowered suspension and 3D printed fender flares.


3 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

The turbofan-style wheels are amazing.


4 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

The chin spoiler was 3D printed too.


5 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

The huge rear spoiler was also 3D printed!


6 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

There’s a catback exhaust from Borla.


7 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

This truck has us dreaming of a production Maverick ST.


8 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

The interior gets four Recaro bucket seats.


9 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

It’s one of a few Mavericks on Ford’s stand at SEMA this year.


10 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

We seriously can’t get enough of these wheels.


11 of 11 Daniel Golson/Roadshow

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