Try French press coffee with this $10 Bodum (40% off)



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French press coffee makers have some distinct advantages over the bigger machines. For one, they save you some serious counter space, since the average French press is about the size of a large jar. You can also easily sling your French press along to an Airbnb or camping trip if you’re worried there won’t be life-giving coffee there. If you’ve felt the urge to go French, snatch this Bodum 3-cup French press coffee maker for 40% off, marked down to $10 right now.

French press purists contend that coffee filters remove oils and flavors from the beans, so the French press method, with no coffee filter used, results in a fuller taste.

When CNET’s Brian Bennett tested French presses, a similar Bodum model made his list of the best French presses for brewing strong, well-balanced and richly flavored coffee. The Bodum holds 12 ounces and is one of the smaller models, but it’s a great size for a household with one or two coffee drinkers.

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