Toyota ‘Tacozilla’ SEMA build recalls the original Chinook

There are retro vibes in the air at Toyota, and the brand is prepared to bring a very cool build to the 2021 SEMA show. This past Thursday, the company quietly uploaded a teaser video of the build to its YouTube channel showing off what it calls “Tacozilla.”

Tacozilla is a Tacoma-based “micro home” of sorts, and it’s meant to recall the original Chinook. The little camper wagon combined Toyota and Chinook’s expertise to create a very neat camper van of sorts decades ago, and basically, Toyota wants to do it again. Except this time, the brand wants it to be more off-road capable than ever.

According to the video, the company is starting with a Tacoma Sport with a manual transmission. From there, it needs to build a tiny home in the rear that’s actually usable for someone going off the beaten path. But, there will be a sleeping quarters and toilet, for sure. And the team is focused on not making this look like a giant fridge on the back of a Tacoma with lots of rounded edges. The renderings so far look pretty great, especially with the retro color scheme proposed.

We’ll likely see a little more of this build before Toyota unveils it for SEMA. That’s just a few weeks away when the show kicks off on Nov. 2.

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