Top Drone Video Editing Software in 2021: Put Your eye in the sky

The use of drones for shooting photos and videos has become very popular. Drones allow you to get a wide-angle of view and shoot the desired object from almost any point. Check out this great list of video editing software for your artistic drone-inspired missions.

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The use of drones for shooting photos and videos has become very popular.

Drones allow you to take photos and videos that in the past could only be captured while flying in a really huge helicopter or airplane.

More and more photographers and videographers are using drones for aerialgraphy.

Aerialgraphy has always been a technically difficult and expensive type of work, which was used mainly for film production and high-budget advertising.

But technical progress over the past few years has significantly expanded the possibilities and, most importantly, reduced the cost of this kind of shooting to the generally available level.

If you are planning to start doing this type of filming, do your research on how to become a professional drone pilot first.

Such information can provide you with all of the necessary knowledge and will advise on which quadcopter to choose.

Articles containing such information can help you understand piloting issues, avoid incidents, and inform you about both the system and advanced functions of your flying device.

Benefits of Drone Filming

If you are in doubt whether it’s worth spending money on equipment and related products at all, then pay attention to the following:

Affordability. This type of videography is cheaper than renting a camera crane or helicopter. By the way, for the latter, you will need to obtain a flight permit, find a place for take-off and landing, and stock up on fuel.

The ability to shoot in almost any weather, although, restrictions include: strong wind, heat, and frost below -10 °C. Specific points are indicated in the descriptions of certain models.

High quality of the resulting files. A quadcopter camera is stable thanks to special systems. They prevent shaking and vibrating.

Variety of angles. Drones allow you to get a wide-angle of view and shoot the desired object from any point. You can easily and quickly change the distance to the object from 1 to 200 meters, thanks to which you get nice footage.

What are Some Video Drone Editors out There?

Movavi Video Editor (Windows and Mac)

Movavi Video Editor has a powerful set of video tools for creating presentations and clips.

The program has a user-friendly interface that even inexperienced users can quickly understand and create their first media content in a matter of hours.

This drone video editing software available with no watermark has a fairly impressive set of tools for a wide variety of purposes. You can easily crop and cut videos, add filters, effects, audio, subtitles and titles, and much more.

You can save the finished video in one of many formats, make a version specifically for a particular device, or upload the resulting file directly to YouTube.


The program is distinguished from other competing applications by the presence of training material on the official website.

Any user, who has never worked with media content before, can easily learn how to work with the service, as well as all its subtleties and options.

Lightworks (Windows, Linux, Mac)

If you’re looking for drone video editing software to be used for serious work projects, check out the Lightworks video editor.

The application is very popular among professionals. It works perfectly with all popular operating systems.

With this video editing software for drone footage, you can crop videos, cut audio from them, add effects, transitions, and music, convert files to any resolutions and formats.

All these are easy to complete, and you don’t need separate programs to perform these tasks.


There is a huge variety of animations, special effects, and filters.

To expand the functionality of Lightworks, you can use special plug-ins.

Moreover, the developers have provided the ability to work simultaneously with several projects, editing and improving them.

VSDC (Windows)

This software is a good choice for people who want a semi-professional option. The basic VSDC interface is easier to understand than that of Lightworks.

It’s a multifunctional video editing program for creating clips of any complexity. It supports many video and audio formats, including files with a resolution of 4K, 2K, 1080p, etc.

This non-linear editor includes advanced editing features. The software also supports a very wide range of video and audio effects such as color correction, blur reduction, and volume correction.


By using this drone video editing software, you can change the frame rate, resolution, video size, and other parameters, record audio and video.

There is also a function to export files for social media (Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook) and direct upload to YouTube.

DaVinci Resolve (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

This is a truly powerful multifunctional tool with many settings and a cutting-edge Blackmagic RAW codec. All editing processes are performed at a professional level.

This drone video editing software supports hotkeys for ease of operation and has about 250 tools that can provide excellent results.

The cross-platform plug-ins are available to expand the functionality.


It’s also worth noting that the system requirements of DaVinci Resolve for a PC are quite high.

Therefore, you need a really powerful computer to install this video editing software for drone footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows and Mac)

Although Adobe Premiere Pro is considered a professional editor, it can be used by a novice user.

This editing software provides full-fledged video creation with a large number of effects and filters. Users can edit videos using tools for multiple video tracks.

The non-linear program allows you to create high-quality content and edit videos using various effects.

You can create unique transitions between clips, add specific video filters, as well as overlay video tracks, and add voiceovers in a multichannel recording.

If necessary, you can contact the developer’s official website to get support or advice on using the program. Adobe Software Support will answer any questions related to this drone video editing software.


Avidemux (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

This video editor is designed for primitive tasks (cutting, filtering, and encoding). It supports many types of files using various codecs.

This service was included in our list of the best video editing software for drone footage because it’s quite easy to use and performs all of the necessary video editing functions.

The main drawback of the program is that you can’t add captions.

However, the service is free and comes with a user-friendly interface, and has many other useful features and effects.

For newbies looking for their best drone video editing software, this is a great option.


The use of drones for filming videos has become popular because it provides extraordinary footage for a relatively low price.

However, simply shooting content isn’t enough. Postproduction also plays an important role in creating high-quality content.

We hope the above list helps with your journey. All the best and good luck!

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by Smith Willas @smith-willas. Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degreRead my stories


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