Top 8 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Worth Giving A Try

Most individuals upon hearing the words ‘escape room’, assume that it will be something horror or terrifying. Well, this is not the case. Escape rooms and their puzzles are fun and engaging. You and your team will be locked in a room for a limited time and you got to follow the clues and solve puzzles to win the game. That is it, nothing scary about it. 

If you need some motivation to try it, then keep on reading. The 9 reasons mentioned below will surely convince you to try an escape room with family or friends. 

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Why try an escape room?

1) It will awaken your creative side

When you enter room escape in Atlanta, it is like entering a completely new world. Escape rooms are designed depending on different themes, and the one you are entering can be set in old western time or space. Besides, the puzzles based on these themes will require you to think outside the box, and that is surely fun. 

2) Good activity for your brain

Surely you must have heard that solving jigsaw puzzles, word searches, Sudoku, and such other games are good for your brain. Now, the escape room is exactly like that. It is a big puzzle with small puzzles within it. Solving these puzzles will give a good workout to your brain. 

3) It’s a great group activity

You cannot enter an escape room alone. So, you either take family, friends, or colleagues along. Also, there are kid-friendly escape rooms as well. This will allow you to create memories, and engage in some group activities. 

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If you are looking for big escape rooms Atlanta GA, consider checking out Paranoia Quest escape rooms. They have designed their escape rooms keeping in mind different group sizes, and some of their escape rooms can accommodate up to 15 people. 

4) It is a better weekend plan

If you are willing to try something new compared to the traditional entertainment options, the escape room is just perfect for you. You will be observing, analyzing, sharing, debating, and collaborating to solve the puzzles. 

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5) Improves your communication skills

The key to solving escape room puzzles in time is communication. You will have to discuss everything that you see and feel with your group members to solve puzzles on time. This means, if you are a shy person, this will give you an opportunity to open up. 

6) No screen-zone

Now, isn’t that a refreshing change? Instead of sitting on your couch playing on your tablet or television, try engaging yourself in something physically exhausting. 

7) Boosts your confidence

Solving puzzles will provide you a sense of accomplishment. This feeling is very satisfying and enjoyable. All in all, by the end, even if you don’t ‘beat’ the best escape room Atlanta, you will be full of satisfaction and confidence. 

8) It is simply fun

The escape room provides all the above-mentioned benefits, but the best thing it does is allow you to have fun. You will surely have a blast there, and none of your team members will come out unhappy. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Check the internet for an escape room near me, and do something extremely exciting and fun this weekend. 

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