Top 10 Tips For Solar Panel Installation And Maintenance

Due to the low cost of solar energy, an increasing number of businesses. And households are installing their own solar panels. Solar system installation reduces the energy consumption from the grid and switching to producing one’s own energy via solar technology can result in significant savings on electricity bills or even enable you to go completely off-grid.


If you are in charge of a business or a household and want to ‘go solar,’ how do you go about installing solar panels?


Modern solar panels are much more efficient than those used just a few decades ago, and the idea of generating electricity from the sun is very appealing. However, there are several important factors to consider before investing in solar panels.


 Choose The Right Technology

Panels for solar energy

There are various types of solar technology available. Solar thermal, for example, can only heat water, whereas photovoltaic can generate electricity.


Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon are the two main options for photovoltaic systems. Although monocrystalline silicon panels have slightly higher efficiencies than polycrystalline, the various other factors discussed below usually outweigh the advantages of choosing monocrystalline over polycrystalline.


Choosing a reputable brand of solar panel will have a much greater impact on the amount of energy your system produces.



The solar system includes not only solar panels but also an inverter. This device converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panel into alternating current (AC), a more widely used form of electricity. Inverters are classified into two types.


The first is a string inverter, also known as a centralized inverter. This is the most widely used inverter in the world. It is typically more cost-effective and centrally converts all DC power from solar panels.


The microinverter is the second type of inverter. This is a little more expensive than the string inverter, but it has some advantages.


Choosing a high-quality inverter is critical because they are typically the limiting factor for any solar array.


Track Your Energy Consumption

A good solar installer will assist you in measuring your energy consumption. This is necessary in order to determine how much energy you want to generate with your solar system. You can make an informed decision on how many solar panels to install and how much of your energy consumption can be covered by solar by knowing the average amount of energy you will be consuming.


 The State Of The Roof

The roof should be professionally inspected before purchasing solar panels. Solar panels are typically roof-mounted and will add weight. This weight may be substantial depending on the number of panels required. A typical solar panel weighs around 20kg.



Is the house in a good location for solar energy?


The fact remains that some buildings will not benefit from solar panels because they are not in the right location or area. Solar panels may be inefficient in a densely populated areas due to tall buildings, trees, and other impediments. Request that a solar panel installation company evaluate your home’s suitability for solar power.


 Cost Versus Time

This is a significant undertaking that, in the long run, should save the homeowner money and increase the value of the property. However, in addition to the cost, the time factor must be considered.


Homeowners should specifically consider how long they intend to stay in the house. While homeowners should see immediate savings on their electricity bills once the panels are installed, it will take a few years – possibly five or six years, according to some sources – for the cost of the solar panel installation to be offset by the savings.


Research The Financial Incentives Available In Your Area.

Governments in many countries offer incentives to those who want to install solar panels. The goal is to make photovoltaic electricity competitive with traditional energy production methods. Government financial incentives can take several forms, with the two most common being


 Determine The Best Placement.

The location of your solar panels can have a much greater impact on the amount of electricity generated than whether you use monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels.


 Determine Whether Or Not You Want A Battery.

The time when the most electricity is generated, in the middle of the day, does not usually coincide with the time when the most electricity is consumed, in the morning and evening, for home solar PV installations. In fact, the majority of electricity is consumed just after the sun goes down, when televisions, air conditioning, heating, and kitchen appliances are most commonly used.


 Select A Reputable Installer

Last but not least, once you are well informed on the aforementioned topics, it is critical to select a reputable solar panel installation service who will:


  • Examine your specific situation
  • advise you on the most appropriate technology and installation
  • Obtain the necessary permits and paperwork, then perform the installation and ensure that all of the proper connections are made.


Importantly, installation is typically only performed by certified professionals. As with any service, select one that is reputable and capable of exceeding your expectations.


10. Check The Day To Day Performance

To improve solar panel maintenance, document the day-to-day performance. It is critical to record how much energy is produced at a consistent time each day and to take special note of dates when the sky is overcast. Some of the outcomes will be inconclusive. (Your solar panel manufacturer will be able to recommend the best monitoring system for your panels.)


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