Tips on Finding a Freight Agency Program With the Best Company Culture

Before you begin your search for the right freight agency program, you should know a bit about the agency’s culture. There are four key characteristics to look for when choosing an agency: responsiveness, track record, and company culture. It is also beneficial to speak with current agents, who can offer advice on the company culture. If you find the right agency program with a supportive team, you’ll be better prepared to start your business and grow a profitable company.

It is imperative to have a positive freight agent program culture for the entire organization, and a freight agent program is one way to achieve that. Freight agencies can be challenging to run because they must manage shipping charges, negotiate shipping costs, and maintain pickups and deliveries. To create a good work environment, owners must communicate with their teams and be open to employee concerns. They should also not make frequent rule changes and listen to employee concerns. Here are some tips on finding the best Freight agency programs that focus on culture.

Good company culture

The best way to find a freight agency program with the best company culture is to look for one that has a good company culture. The company culture should be based on values that employees value. For example, people in a company that values customer service may value kindness, honesty, and the ability to sell ideas and solutions. Another tip is to look for a company that bans overtime and weekend work. You may even want to look for a company with summer Fridays as part of their program. This can have unexpected positive effects.

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The culture of a freight agency should align with the needs of the individual. It should be a supportive environment with colleagues who encourage and cheer you on. The company should be able to provide the necessary training and support and the experience you need to be successful. For example, you should be able to speak with current freight agents to determine their experiences with the company. If you find a program with the right company culture, you’ll have a much easier time building a successful company.

Values Communication

Successful freight agents understand the value of communication. They know the power of proactively communicating good and bad news to both shippers and carriers. A successful agent will work to foster these relationships as much as possible. A strong rapport will help establish trust and be at the top of the mind. When communicating with customers, freight agents should make their authority in freight shipping clear. They should clearly describe their experience and knowledge and be honest about their abilities. They should be willing to use these assets to improve customer service. Freight agents should also seek referrals from satisfied customers. A more extensive roster of accounts can make it easier to deliver respect-based customer service. Communication is vital for long-term success.

Good Business Relationships

If you want to make a good living and become an independent freight agent, there are a few core values that you must possess. First, being a good freight agent means having a lot of repeat business. Your primary goal should be to build a long-term customer base. This will ensure that you have minimal stress and also long-term success. Having a freight broker relationship gives you access to faster facilities and drivers. Freight brokers also have an edge on cost avoidance, as they know how to drive a hard bargain. A freight agent will help you avoid expensive situations, including negligent hiring situations, avoiding overcharging, and avoiding pitfalls with uninsured drivers. They will also help you mitigate risk through rigorous vetting processes.

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A freight agent’s reputation is based on trust. While a freight agent may not physically hand customers the product they are shipping, they must establish a trusting relationship through open and honest communication. A good freight agent understands the importance of mutual trust and respect. Keeping customers happy is critical to maintaining a positive customer relationship. Keeping them informed of any changes in the shipment’s status and announcing any upcoming changes will earn their business and keep them coming back for more.

Freight brokers must maintain a $75,000 trust and bond to protect customers. The money in the trust account will pay off the carrier in the event of a claim. This trust is an integral part of freight brokerage because it protects customers and covers the cost of shares that may arise. Fortunately, freight brokers are required to carry these trust funds. Therefore, a freight agent who lacks this protection can be held liable for the claim.


As a freight agent, you will have many tasks to complete on any given day. Therefore, you must manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks. This skill will help you save time and prevent procrastination. It will also boost your productivity and drive you to complete more work. You must also be able to prioritize your tasks to work more efficiently.

While multi-tasking is essential for a freight agent’s job description, not all jobs require it. In addition, there are jobs in which it’s unnecessary to multi-task.


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