The Mysterious Hacks and Cheats of Apex Legends

Purchasing Apex Legends accounts or leveling up your account from unauthorized third-party sellers is unsafe and against EA’s terms of service. Read more about how to avoid these scams here.

As the grind for Predator rank in Apex Legends continues, cheat-makers are finding new ways to give themselves an edge. One cheat-maker says he moved to Apex Legends after Fortnite made it harder for him to cheat, and it’s proved to be more lucrative.

1. The Nemesis Hack

The latest wave of hacking in Apex Legends is a little different than usual. This time, the hackers were up in arms about the hacker-powered plight of Titanfall, developer Respawn’s previous game. They took over playlists and notifications in-game, hoping to force developers to do something about the hackers in Titanfall.

This is a little out of the ordinary for hacks in Apex Legends, which usually have more to do with aim botting and wall hacking. But this particular hack is designed to make it impossible for players to use their shields. It’s called the Nemesis Hack, and it basically creates an extra character that attacks you whenever you engage with another player.

If you play this game with the Apex Legends Aimbot enabled, whenever another player kills your nemesis, it’ll drop a Headhunter divination card in your inventory. This is similar to how players can get a random Div Card from Stacked Decks in Skyrim by running them, but the Nemesis Hack lets them do this on any map, even ones that aren’t tied to the Nemesis mod.

The operators of the hack have set up a Telegram channel called “Project Nemesis” to promote the tool and encourage people to use it. They identify themselves as IT volunteers and OSINTers, and they claim to have hacked and published details of Ukrainian military personnel connected to far-right groups. This is in line with Russian propaganda that has focused on linking Ukraine to far-right movements. The hack also claims to have hacked information about members of the Ukrainian Security Service, known as the SBU. This is an important point because doxxing people who are fighting against the neo-Nazis in Ukraine can have real-world consequences for morale and operational security.

2. The Nemesis Glitch

In a game like Apex Legends, where players have the opportunity to compete against each other in high-tiered ranked matches, cheating is a serious concern. In fact, the issue is so prevalent that it got the hashtag #SaveApexRanked trending on Twitter, and Respawn has taken note, promising to crack down on the problem in any way they can.

That has meant deploying ban waves, rolling out new anti-cheat tools, and putting out calls for volunteers to help catch the cheaters. However, it looks like some hackers are finding ways around these efforts. For example, Reddit user u/megamind00007 recently posted a video to the Apex Legends subreddit that demonstrates a Charge Rifle hack. The cheat makes it so that a player’s gun locks onto any enemy they encounter, even enemies far away from the shooter.

This hack makes it possible for players to gank and kill enemies that they might not have been able to otherwise. Essentially, it’s like having a personal stalker in your favorite multiplayer game. Unfortunately, this hack isn’t just annoying to other players; it can also be incredibly dangerous for the victim of the hack.

In a Reddit post, u/karankhushalani describes how they came across the hack while playing ranked on EU servers. The hacker tracked Karankhushalani’s movements and even filmed them playing the game in their home. The hacker then used a bot to attack their victim. It isn’t clear whether this was intentional or not, but it highlights how the use of these micro cheats can breach a couple’s spoken or unspoken rules, trust, and boundaries.

3. The Bloodhound Glitch

A bug in Apex Legends has been giving players one of the game’s rarest cosmetics for free. Over on Reddit, users have been reporting that they’re able to equip Bloodhound’s hatchet heirloom for a moment in the lobby before it glitches out. It’s a bit of a headache for EA, who probably don’t want players to just jump into matches and immediately start grinding for these rare items.

Bloodhound is one of the most skilled game hunters the Frontier has ever seen, and they’ve earned a reputation for themselves across the Outlands as an expert in tracking down and taking down big prey. Their story began when they were orphaned after a factory meltdown killed their parents. They were raised by their uncle Artur, who taught them the Old Ways and instilled in them a deep reverence for nature. However, they also embraced technological marvels and were constantly striving to improve their hunting skills.

Recently, Bloodhound developed a friendship with Fuse and often jokes with him about their traumatic past. They are very close with their Raven, Loba, and have a strong connection to their village. They have also been shown to care deeply for their friends and family, and have been known to show up in times of need for their loved ones.

A week after launch, a glitch appeared that caused Bloodhound’s Prestige skin to reset when players dealt damage with it. This was an annoying bug to deal with, especially since some players were on the verge of unlocking Tier 2 and 3 of the skin, which require 30,000 and 100,000 damage respectively. Luckily, this was fixed in a recent update.

4. The Newcastle Glitch

Aim botting and wall hacking are the usual suspects for hackers in Apex Legends, but some people are finding new ways to cheat in the game. These new methods are a bit more sophisticated than your average aim bot or wallhack, and they’re causing quite a stir in the higher tiers of Apex Legends ranked. It’s no secret that high-level players are working hard to make it to Predator rank, and many of them are relying on unfair advantages to get there.

One of the more interesting cheats in Apex Legends involves Newcastle’s, Defending Shield. Apparently, there’s a glitch that allows players to jump and strafe with the character while his shield is down. This is a huge advantage, as it means that players can quickly and easily move across the map while still being protected by Newcastle’s shield.

This bug was discovered by YouTuber Dirty Skirty, who posted a video detailing how the hack works. According to him, players must have a Trident and a Replicator in their inventory to activate the glitch. Once they have both of these items, the player can use the surrounding terrain to glitch into the air and hover around indefinitely. From there, they can jump and strafe as much as they want with no risk of getting caught by an enemy.

The Season 13 update in Apex Legends has introduced a lot of new content, including a new Legend called Newcastle and a reworked version of the Storm Point map. But this patch also brought in a few unique bugs and glitches that have been catching the attention of the community. Some of these are just minor bugs that don’t hurt anyone, but others can actually ruin other players’ experiences and should be fixed by Respawn.

5. The Zodiac Glitch

A natal chart (also known as a birth chart or astrological chart) is an astronomical map of all the planets and constellations at the moment of your birth. It’s unique to each individual because the location, date, and time of your birth are used to calculate it.

This glitch is commonly used on the rare monsters Dustia and Helvinek, allowing players to level up much faster than normal and amass large amounts of EXP, LP, and Gil. This can also be exploited to increase the battle chain on these monsters, resulting in a higher frequency of drops. This can be extremely useful for low-level players in the early stages of the game.


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