The Full Guide On Making Whipped Cream With Milk

Are you one of those people who love to make recipes from scratch? It is true that oftentimes it is much better to do things. Among the benefits of preparing things by yourself rather than buying them at the supermarket, we can mention that you can use this time to spend it with your family, and while cooking together you can teach your children as well as teenagers some important cooking techniques, plus food from scratch tends to be more nutritious, you are aware and have control over what you and your family take to your mouth, homemade food can taste better, and in some cases you can even save money

When it comes to the versatile whipped cream, it is a good option knowing how to make it, because this is a delicious topping that we can use for cakes, drinks and a lot of desserts may not be available in some regions. Whether you want to learn how to make whipped cream because you enjoy cooking as a hobby or just out of curiosity, in this article you will find a complete guide to satisfy your creamy cravings.

What you need

Let’s start by clarifying that you will actually be able to make whipped cream with no need of cream, just plain cow milk. Once you master this amazing recipe, you will be able to obtain the desired results in terms of texture and flavour, so you can use it in your cheesecakes and suffles, making your family happy with this sweet surprise. For this mixture, you will need ¼ cup of full fat milk at a cold temperature, it is crucial to use the whole fat version because a light milk won’t give us the same consistency. Then, we also need two teaspoons of flavourless gelatin, another cup of full fat milk cold and two tablespoons of powdered sugar.

The process

You want to begin by adding ¼ cup of milk in a bowl, then distribute the gelatin over the milk and wait for five minutes, until you notice that a foam-like texture has formed. Then you will warm this preparation in the microwave, just long enough to turn it from the foamy texture to liquid. Now, you can pour the other cup of cold milk into a different bowl, incorporate the powdered sugar and mix it. With the help of a whisk, whip the contents of the two bowls together and let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 22 minutes. Once the time has passed, whip the preparation agan aided by an electric mixer. You will notice how the volume increases by a lot, and you can use these homemade whipped cream for up to two days.

The takeaway

It is important to notice that this cream, even when it is a dairy product and you can use it for a variety of desserts, will not be suitable for some recipes like ice cream made out of whipped cream or some cakes-fillings. For some recipes, your best option is always to purchase a fresh whipped cream, like those available at a whipped cream dispenser delivery service, but still, you can use the preparation shown here as an occasional substitute.


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