The Complete Product Tree: A Visual Guide To Tech Products.

Complete Product Tree is a visual guide of popular tech products, from most to least known. The size of the bubbles indicates market value. The node degree indicates how many related products a product has. Here we use bubbles and nodes to represent products and relations, respectively. The color of bubbles is determine by their current owner (see legend).

Products are positioned along the y-axis base on the year of founding; larger bubbles were found earlier. To make room for new nodes, some older nodes had to be ‘promote’ via relabeling (a common practice in graph visualization). This does not affect the position of the nodes, only their labels. For example, Google Mail was labeled as Gmail until 2014 when they changed it back to Google Mail after Gmail’s 10th anniversary. As a result, the labels of both products are now displayed as Google Mail.

Node sizes

Node sizes indicate product category, based on a flavor-of-the-month categorization. The scale is logarithmic to give more accurate size differences between larger products. Note that some bubbles, such as inkbotdesign, Amazon, and eBay, appear bigger than others due less to their actual popularity and more because they currently have different owners (see legend).

We hope this does not create perceptions about company importance [or] influence but rather reflects on how interconnected a company’s products can be, i.e., a “product portfolio,” just like a start up’s business model might include several ideas that could mature into standalone businesses over time. For example, since its purchase by Amazon, Zappos’s size has been greatly diminished (in the bubble map), while that of Kindle and Alexa have grown. Note: we recently uploaded a new data set to give more accurate size differences between larger products.

Progress work:

This is a work in progress and more products will be add with time. The image/link under each product name is that product’s Wikipedia page if present; otherwise, we used the parent company or creator as the link. See also: Press Kit and Official Site links (most go to Google). We use affiliate links whenever possible, indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the link.

If you like us or found this useful, please consider using them! This project needs your support; any funds will go towards hosting costs for this site, as well as buying new items as they come out (we do not get free samples). If you cannot support us monetarily, consider sharing with your friends or leaving us informative comments. We would like to thank all the manufacturers who knowingly or unknowingly provide samples for this guide. Some companies (marked with an asterisk) do give out free products, so let us know if you want to add something!

Product Tree can help Tech Products in the following ways:

  1. Product information and specs at a glance. The core of the site, the directory is an up-to-date database of tech products with key specs, comparisons, and other figures all in one place. The biggest time saver!
  2. Ability to collaborate on reviews and Q&A for products you own or are considering. Everyone has questions about their tech purchases before they make them – here’s your chance to seek answers from those who have been there before!
  3. A platform that enables product communities where users can share additional information, photos, videos, Business listing, and more. Upload your own content and show off your collection! Show others how you use your gear and help them narrow down their choices too!
  4. A comprehensive watchlist function so you can keep track of the gear you are comparing, searching for, or want to buy.


  1. Customization of your profile so you can show others what you use + love!
  2. A place where users can share their favorite articles, videos, photos, and more with other members of the community who have similar tastes – power by Reddit’s upvote/downvote system. No need to search around the internet for awesome content anymore! Everything is right at your fingertips!
  3. A way for community members to donate money toward site costs and server time – covering costs means this site will never go away or shut down due to lack of funds! We’re all about longevity here 😉
  4. Interest-base subreddits enable community members to share, discuss and vote on content based upon their personal interests – creating a thriving community that is full of diverse opinions.
  5. A very active team of moderators which include people with backgrounds in IT security, software development, and website management – all working together to ensure the site runs smoothly 24/7!

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Thus, Product Tree is helpful to people by bringing out hidden, but helpful information in a simple and clean interface. In my mind Product Tree will change the way products are search for in the future! Overall, I feel this is a great site that helps you find the products you need! And with their affiliate program, it’s even better!



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