The Changes, 80s Music, And Aspects That Made the Music Nostalgic

When people talk about the 80s, they can only use two terms to define it, the era of change and the era of music. World events, technology, and culture together build one of the most innovative modern decades. With the uncertain world situation, 80s music parallels people’s experiences.


The lessons and sufferings you can feel in great power ballads and the socially responsive rock anthems are all relevant to peoples’ lives today. Are these the sole reasons why the influence of 80s music is still prevalent? Wait a while to find the answer to this question, but you can find the most diverse playlist of best of the best 80s songs on PopCultureMadness. PopCultureMadness offers all the flavors of 80s music that including, –


  • Bubblegum pop hits
  • Summer songs
  • Biggest movie soundtracks hits
  • Biggest dance music hits
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  • Early hip hop and rap hits
  • Electronic dance hits

You can also find the list of songs mom and dads hated in the 80s there. Along with the songs everybody hated at that time but was quite popular. The 80s was an era when artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billy Joel, AC/DC, U2, The Police, GunsN’Roses, Metallica, and many others were making their mark.

Let’s talk about the changes and 80s music and the aspects that played a role in making the music so good.

The changes and music in the 80s

The 80s was the era that noticed a shift in technology. The move was not just limited to other fields but also happened in the music industry. With the birth of autotune, synthesizers programmed drums and created an entirely new sonic environment. It marked the transformation from previous decades of unedited and more raw sound.

At the same time, the competitiveness of this new environment also becomes a hurdle for the artists to leave their mark on listeners unless they have a distinct selling point. There were more specific genres, just like the decades before.

It is common in modern pop music to blend upwards of five genres into one song. However, there was a clean line between pop stars, rock stars, and R&B balladist in the 80s. All these genres coexisted at the junction of music, but they never blended. 

What made 80s music so good?

The aspect that played a crucial role in the revolution in the music industry in the 80s include –

  • The political environment.
  • The assimilation of the contradictory musical system into the mainstream.
  • The advancement of technology in music.
  • The launch of MTV.
  • The investment of record labels in their artists.
  • The origin of music videos.
  • The introduction of mixtapes.
  • The invention of the walkman.


Selling the most albums was the main focus in the 80s. It has fueled the competition and made artists thrive for the best. R&B and hip hop achieved prominence in the 80s. You may get a flash of some images when you hear the word 80s music, but no single sound has dominated the era.

The nostalgia of 80sia is already in the fourth decade, but there are no signs of it slowing down in the coming time.



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