The best sleep masks for 2021

It’s amazing what small tweaks to your nighttime routine can do for your beauty sleep. Simple changes like cooling down your bedroom, reading a book or journaling can lead to restful feelings and help ensure that you get a good night’s sleep

Updating your bedmattress or pillows can all make a difference in your sleep quality and lead to bedtime bliss, but controlling how much light reaches your eyes at night is also important. For many of us, blocking out light is crucial for restful sleep — and that’s where sleep masks come in.

Once I started using a sleep mask, I noticed a huge difference in my sleep quality. Even though I have blackout curtains in my room, light from my neighbor’s security flood light somehow still creeps in. Unwanted light can really mess with your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, so now I use a sleep mask religiously to ensure that none of the light from the outside or my electronics inside disturbs me.

While just a few years ago a silk sleep mask may have been the height of luxury, things have changed. Today’s sleeping mask has more features that can help with everything from blocking out noise to anxiety (weighted eye mask for the win!). There are eye masks for sensitive skin, ones with an adjustable strap, ones with eye cups to help prevent puffy eyes and more. You can even choose a sleep mask that best accommodates your preferred sleeping position.

From a weighted sleep mask that acts like a weighted blanket for your face, to a noise-muffling eye mask, we’ve curated this list based on research and reviews of some of the best sleep masks currently available on the market. Keep reading to find the best sleep mask to help you get your beauty sleep.


If you’ve ever used a weighted blanket for stress or anxiety, then you know the surprisingly calming effects that the pressure from weighted products can have on your sleep. The same concept has been applied to sleep masks, and Nodpod is one popular choice. 

When I tried the sleep mask I loved the calming effect of the mask on my face. The NodPod also has two different materials — one side is made of jersey for a cooler feel, and the other is microfiber, which is warmer. 


Lunya’s silk sleep mask sounds luxurious — and it is. But you can also throw it in the wash, making it more convenient for real life. The wide band and full-coverage fit ensures that your eyes are completely covered so no light gets in. 

The most interesting feature of this mask is that it’s designed to help muffle noise since the band fits over your ears. If you’ve yet to get used to wearing ear plugs at night (like me) but want some noise relief, this can help. 


If you’re looking for a minimal, lightweight “barely there” sleep mask, this one is it. It’s super soft, light and the smooth silk doesn’t tug on your hair. The smooth fabric and headband ensure that you stay comfortable while you sleep on your side. 

The mask is big enough to provide coverage over your eyes, but it doesn’t weigh you down. It’s also machine -washable and convenient for travel since it does not take up much space in a bag.


Some sleep masks are on the smaller side or are shaped in a way that doesn’t work for different sized faces. This Alaska Bear sleep mask offers a broad, full-coverage fit making it a good choice for bigger faces. 

The key to a sleep mask working well is to find one that actually covers your face enough to block all light. The adjustable headband also ensures a snug fit for a variety of sleeping positions and head sizes.


If you don’t love the feeling of a mask pressing against your eyelids at night, or sometimes want the feeling of being able to blink and open your eyes, a contoured mask can help block out the light without weighing on your eyes. This 3D contoured mask also fits the bill if you’re on a budget since a three-pack clocks in at around $10.


If you love memory-foam pillows or mattresses, then you know how comfortable memory foam is for sleep. The foam eye mask molds to fit your face, and it covers your ears, which is handy to help secure ear plugs or headphones. The mask has an adjustable Velcro strap to ensure you have a snug fit that stays in place even if you toss and turn at night.

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