The Best Realme Phones You Can Buy

The Realme brand has in a short time become one of the big players in the smartphone market. Super-fast battery charging, stunning displays and efficient. Cameras are a few of its key features.
Despite the fact that Realme has been on the market recently. Three years, Oppo’s subsidiary. Chinese brand has been able to adapt to the needs of the market. Offering a wide portfolio of Android phones with unique features at competitive prices.
It is something that users have been able to appreciate from. The first moments and since the brand landed in our country. Presenting interesting phones with a quad camera. As well as groundbreaking novelties. Such as a high screen refresh rate in price ranges where they did not arrive.
Although the connection between the two companies is not as obvious as in other brands. Realme operates as a subsidiary of the Chinese technology giant Oppo and. As such, can take advantage of much of the engineering. And distribution infrastructure for its new terminals.
This is what has allowed the brand to manufacture and launch so many phones in record time. Helping it to establish itself in very competitive markets such as Europe. Latin America later, or even in India, where it has a strong presence.
In fact, we are already at the end of 2022 and we have. Been able to attend the announcement of the commercialization. Of models in Mexico, with the sale of the first smartphones. (Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro), the Realme Buds Q headphones, and the Realme Watch smart watch. 
And it is that the trajectory in Europe is recent, since the end of 2018. Expanding its product portfolio year after year beyond mobile phones. To already include Realme Pad tablet offers, such as wireless headphones. Bracelets, smart watches, robot vacuum cleaners and even connected devices.
All Realme phones offer a compelling price/performance balance usually focused. On ensuring one or two premium features that you wouldn’t expect to find in such an affordable device.
That is why we wanted to select the best cell phones of the company. Many of which have already passed through the hands of our editors to put them to the test. We select the best of the company and offer you a link to the complete review.
The brand also has countless models with 5G. Connectivity support at a affordable price. This is the case of the Realme 8 5G which all mobile price in Bangladesh only $199. Take a look at our comparison of the best cheap 5G phones this year.

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Realme GT – The best Realme flagship

Realme is back with another eye-catching smartphone. The Realme GT, and I’m not referring to the eye-catching Racing Yellow design. It’s one of the cheapest Snapdragon 888-powered. Phones you’ll find today, with a discounted realme all phones price in Bangladesh of $449.
In exchange, you not only get a flagship chip, but you also get a 120Hz display, 65W fast charging, and much more. Omit, it’s one of the best values for money phones we’ve seen in mid-2022.
In the photography section, say that only two of its four cameras. Can be consider of enough quality to get good photographic results. You will also not have water resistance or wireless charging.
Doing without these things is a reasonable. Compromise to get such a high-spec phone at this price point. making it the dream of a budget user who might come from brands like Samsung, Sony or Apple.


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