TCL Roku and Android TVs are up to $140 off at Walmart right now

Streaming device manufacturer Roku offers some of the best AV gear for some of the best prices — from its insanely affordable Roku Express to the Roku Streambar speaker. Easy-to-use Roku TVs are also excellent value for money, even when not on sale, with the TCL 4-Series being a definite highlight for value. Walmart has two 4-Series models on sale right now (though one uses the Android TV system, not Roku) and a third “S21” model coming soon. Prices start at $228 for a 55-inch screen.  


The TCL S434 is a Walmart-specific Android variant of the TCL 55S435 we’ve reviewed. If you belong in the Fire TV camp, as opposed to Roku, the Android interface will be more familiar to you, with its rows of thumbnails and app store. Judging from the specifications we expect picture quality to be very similar to the 4-Series, which is to say very good. If you want the Roku experience you could still buy a $40 Express 4K and come out over $100 ahead.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

If you want a high-quality affordable TV, you should definitely take a look at the TCL 4-Series. Thanks to the Roku interface, it’s easy to use and great for streaming, and the picture quality is serviceable. You’ll need to pay even more for better image quality.

Read our TCL 4-series Roku TV (2021) review.



We don’t know very much about the S21 yet, but a 55-inch Roku TV for under $230? It’s not even possible to get a “dumb” TV for that much.

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